Antoine loves the sweetness of life in Grenoble

For Antoine, 20, in the second year of his ALI legal career, it is good to study in Grenoble, a very green city surrounded by mountains, very lively and well trafficked.

Antoine begins his second year of ALI legal career at the IUT in Grenoble (38). “I like it very much,” he sums up. First because the city of about 156,000 remains “on a human scale”. Ideal for him coming from a more rural valley 45 minutes away by car. “For a first experience of city life, it’s really cool,” he says.

In Grenoble, skiing is very accessible

Antoine really appreciates the environment in Grenoble: “It is a beautiful city, very green and surrounded by mountains. On sunny days you can go hiking. Me, it’s not really my thing, on the other hand I love skiing! In winter, you can go there for 25 euros a day, thanks to the U-glisse card offered by the university.

In addition to being close to nature, Grenoble also offers “a great variety of activities” and a dynamic student life. “It’s very lively, especially in the evening,” the young man appreciates. Most of the 60,000 students, including a large percentage of foreigners, are concentrated on a huge, tree-lined, American-style campus on the outskirts. Antoine, studies next to the Isère quay, not far from the city center.

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Kings of trams and bicycles

He managed to find accommodation nearby, in just three days, for 20 m² and less than 400 euros per month. “I was very lucky, but not everyone is,” he adds, emphasizing anyway rents “remain relatively reasonable: you can generally have a studio for around €450”.

Turning is “easy”, since “The city is very well served by tram”, appreciates the one who recommends leaving the car in the garage. In addition, for ages 18 to 24, subscription costs only 151 euros per year. The tram is his favorite mode of transport, along with walking. But cycling fans will also find what they are looking for. “Grenoble is surrounded by mountains, but it is reputed to be the flattest city in France,” laughs Antoine.

Places recommended by Antoine in Grenoble

Bastille. “It’s a fortress that overlooks the city, it has a very nice view of Grenoble. You can go there by cable car, in egg-shaped huts, or by small hiking trails, more or less difficult. Upstairs is a museum, a restaurant, a tree-climbing course, etc.”

Place Victor Hugo. “It is a large and beautiful square in the center of Grenoble, with lots of greenery, lawns, benches, etc. You can spend time there without paying anything. It is also where you meet, with my friends, before going elsewhere: nothing is far from Victor Hugo.”

Bars. “There are a lot of bars that offer pretty cool concepts. In one of them, for example, the prices fluctuate like on the stock market: if you buy a drink at the right time, you pay less!”

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