Again to school: what to recollect from Minister Sylvie Retailleau’s bulletins

Sylvie Retailleau announced the creation of a platform to facilitate assignments for master’s students. She also returned to the measures taken in the fight against insecurity.

The first press conference of the new Minister of Higher Education and Research, Sylvie Retailleau, was held on the afternoon of Thursday, September 15. A long-awaited event for students, universities and large schools. The minister returned to the newspaper that was coming. This is the creation of a platform in 2023 dedicated to students who are pursuing master’s studies at the university. “The goal is clear: to improve the services provided to students by gathering all training courses on one platform”was presented by the minister.

A new page where you will find your master

In particular, students who want to enroll in the second cycle will have to register on this (yet unnamed) platform to submit a single file and apply for several training courses. Leave, then, the multitude of recruitment methods that differ from university to university. “The calendar will be national and unique, whether it’s about registration or responses”continued Sylvie Retailleau, specifying that candidates will not have to prioritize their applications, as they would not “censor”. It will be“facilitator for meeting supply and demand with national visibility”, the minister added. This new site will take over from

Upgraded scholarships

Another big project that the minister is dealing with: the quality of life of students and the fight against precariousness. “We have already started working on this topic, due to the specific context”, explained Sylvie Retailleau, specifically referring to the freezing of tuition fees for the university, the maintenance of €1 meals for lunch and dinner within Crouse for the next academic year and the development of student accommodation. The minister also announced that scholarships based on social criteria will be increased by four percent, in addition to the 3.3 percent increase that was implemented in the previous five-year mandate. “This in no way avoids the need to take a deeper look at the stock market today by social criteria”she clarified.

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The minister also insisted on the necessary consideration and action regarding the ecological and energy transition. “This is a strong axis that aims to irrigate all the projects we will implement”, she continued. From this fall, the ministry will therefore promote work aimed at integrating a “training component” about it in “all higher education courses” and “from the first years of study”.

Positive evaluation of Parcoursup

Finally, Sylvie Retailleau reported on reforms implemented during the previous five-year period, such as Parcoursup, a post-baccalaureate orientation platform that allows high school students to choose a higher education institution. “Parcoursup has been running for five years and is improving year by year. In two years, the platform has enabled a reduction in university failure, with graduation success rates increasing from 40 to 45% in two years., developed the minister, specifying that the final figures will be available only in a few days, since the Parcoursup platform closes tomorrow, thus closing the additional procedure. The minister reminded that the scholarship rate increased from 20 to 25 percent in two years.

Sylvie Retailleau also returned to the orientation of holders of the technology baccalaureate. “50% of places at IUT are reserved for these graduates”, she pointed out, continuing on the subject of university graduate technologist (BUT). A “leadership effort” which made it possible to increase the teaching of studies of holders of the technological baccalaureate according to the ministry.

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