Again to highschool 2022: the brand new ones are welcomed on the College of Caen

Back to school at the University of Caen was a celebration. On September 13 and 15, 2022, students organized a “Campus en fête” event to welcome the new first-year students. For the latter, the transition from high school to university is a big step towards autonomy.

No sun, but it doesn’t matter. The big stage is preparing to host the concert and the stands are set up in a semi-circle on the lawn. It’s not a festival, it’s the start of the school year! More precisely, it is the “Campus en fête” event organized by the University of Caen on September 13 and 15 (14).

This holiday aims to turn to introduce students to the university, its student life, associations, but also Caen and its cultural life. Newcomers can ask all their questions to the organizations at the stands: the city, Secours populaire, university libraries, sports department, associations, etc.

Theo, student vice president on the university’s board of directors, is busy managing final preparations on campus. Dressed in a white shirt, this third-year law student watches the creation of “Campus en fête.” “The fear when entering university is the lack of information. That’s why we created this event last year, when we got out of prison. It’s the first time we don’t have health problems, so there are more games and partners,” he says.

Theo, student vice president on the university’s board of directors. // © Amélie Petitdemange

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“We are not behind”

Laurine, Lyz and Maiana are entering their first year of biological engineering at BUT. Three recently introduced friends travel to “Campus en fête” between classes. “It’s great to present the unions and organize a concert for us. We’re not outside,” says Maiana.

Some students may feel really lonely the first few days. “I come from a mini country high school, I’ve already lost myself on campus a few times,” says Laetitia, also in her first year at AMMA. In addition to this event, they will meet the godfather or godmother during the evening of integration.

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Gain autonomy

Wearing brown curls and a purple t-shirt, Nathan has just returned to his first year of STAPS (Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and Techniques). The morning was devoted to the presentation of the license, after which the students were divided into classes according to their chosen sports.

If they have fewer courses than in high school, lPersonal work will be more important. The pedagogy is also different and leaves more room for experimentation. “Some teachers prepared us, but not all. In high school, we could do it every night without being tested,” says the 17-year-old.

Maiana confirms: “Level has nothing to do with high school. We work harder and have more autonomy“, BUT the student says. Lectures given in the amphitheater are not mandatory. “No one forces us to work, but in high school they watched us”Laetitia explains.

Yoni, Nathan, Yanis and Romain, four STAPS L1 students.
Yoni, Nathan, Yanis and Romain, four STAPS L1 students. // © Amélie Petitdemange

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work regularly

Yoni, also a STAPS licensee, knows that you have to “motivate yourself.” “I would go to all the lectures. We want our year and we have a job when we leave!” she says next to Nathan. Provides advice on how to succeed in college learn good habits from high school. “You don’t speed up when you get to university,” the 17-year-old warns.

For Theo, the transition from high school to university empowers the student. “We are reaching maturity. We need to organize ourselves and work regularly,” the third-year student emphasizes. “It is also a universe of many people. You are no longer with your friends, you have to get out of your comfort zone to make links and make new friends“. A back-to-school celebration is a great start.

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