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Again to College: School Scholarship, CAF…these Homeschooling Price range Aids!

Some students are starting their 2022 school year at home by homeschooling or “home school”. And in support of parents, financial aid may be available. Indeed, even if some still have their feet in the water, the school holidays are coming to an end. And who says back to school also often says back to school… But that doesn’t mean always. From 3 to 16 years, the child must go to school. But it can still be done Choosing to homeschool your child. The child will then be able to pursue education within the family. This is commonly referred to as “home schooling”. If the parents follow the rules and your child meets the criteria, you may be eligible for financial aid. We tell you all about these aids!

Back to School Allowance

The first step: you must first send the permission for instructions to the family in CAF. As a result, you will be able to benefit in particular from different types of allowancesback to school assistance (ARS). This year the ARS has been upgraded by 4%. This aid applies to people with at least two children. Two children under 20 dependent on the household. “The therefore, the amount depends on resources, the number of dependent children and their ages’recalls RTL.

Also, your entitlement varies depending on whether the child is part of a regular class or not for the start of the school year. If your child is not in a regular class and is homeschooled. Then you will not be able to take advantage of ARS. The child will not benefit eithercollege or high school scholarship.

College and High School Scholarships

You may be eligible for a college scholarship. Therefore, it is a benefits paid to officials. This implies the person or persons who effectively and permanently take responsibility for the student. And this in the sense of the legislation on family allowances. Or a major and financially independent student. To take advantage of it, annual resources must not exceed a certain ceiling. And this depending on the number of supported children. For the academic year 2022-2023, the amount of scholarships for the college is in the amount of €35, €98 or €153 per quarter. If you are eligible, you must submit your application between the start of the school year and 20 October 2022. Or 31 October if your child is enrolled in CNED.

There is also scholarship for secondary education. This is income-based assistance for those responsible for the student. Its size still varies according to resources and costs. As detailed on the National Education website. Did CNED (National Center for Distance Learning) looks like a topic you’re interested in, there are several options. Like regulated full class, free full class, regulated a la carte courses and free a la carte courses. Waiting for the start of the school year and to organize yourself better: discover the school holiday calendar for 2022-2023.

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