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The return of the student population to campus at the start of a new school year in the fall is always accompanied by a fever that is transmitted to everyone there. Classes have just started, soon the leaves will be turning red and the nights are getting cooler.

The campus is like a small town and provides several services. Here are some resources, tips and tools to support you and enable you to support the students you meet:

Mental and physical health

Any change brings its share of positive or negative emotions. The Staff and Family Assistance Program offers mental health support to faculty and staff available 24/7 at 1-844-880-9142.

The new Student Health and Wellness Center offers wellness services focused on prevention, physical and mental health, and wellness promotion. This Center is for the University of Ottawa and Saint Paul University student community only.

Eat well

Want to reheat your home cooked meals? Use microwave ovens.

Don’t have time to make yourself lunch? Find out where to eat on campus.

Do you have a book?

Planning a meeting? Reserve a study room in the library.

You can also borrow multimedia equipment for all your special equipment needs.

Are you familiar with the Omni search tool? This built-in search engine is ideal for finding good references.

Green initiatives

Don’t miss out on visiting La Gratuiterie to donate items you no longer use or get them absolutely free!

Are you passionate about the environment? The Eco Network offers monthly workshops on sustainability practices that apply to our personal and professional lives.

The Office of Sustainability, in partnership with the University’s greenhouses, cultivates and rehabilitates plants to offer to staff for free! Write to the Office of Sustainable Development.

Fans of sustainable transportation, take advantage of our outdoor bike parking near each building, two secure enclosures, a Bike Coop and outdoor repair stations. You can also ride an electric scooter, electric bicycle, roller skates, etc. The shower is free for employees! The LRT also stops at Lees Campus and Main Campus. Use the University of Ottawa shuttle to travel between campuses. Is a car your only option? Try carpooling or carpooling!

Did you know about campus sustainability tours? A tour offered to groups can be tailored to specific topics, such as transportation or green spaces, or simply provide a general overview of green initiatives on campus. Contact the Office of Sustainability to place an order.

North Kanata

Have you ever visited the Kanata North satellite campus? What are you waiting for? You can even stay there for a few hours to work. Plan your trip to North Kanata (reservations required).


Would you like to improve your skills in English or French as a second language? Enroll in second language courses for staff or second language courses for teachers.

It’s great to see our campus full of people again!

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