After the summer time faculty, the Grand Mosque of Paris desires to strengthen its management in Islam in France

Written by Lionel Lemonier and Hanan Ben Rhouma Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 8:00 am

The Grand Mosque of Paris organized its first summer university from September 16 to 18, while the place of Islam in French society has been regularly questioned in recent years. At the beginning of its 100th anniversary, the institution has created an opportunity to remind that Islam is in accordance with the laws of the Republic, and at the same time to show itself more than ever as the main player of Islam in France.

After the summer school, the Grand Mosque of Paris wants to strengthen its leadership in Islam in France
After the summer school, the Grand Mosque of Paris wants to strengthen its leadership in Islam in France

As the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone approaches in October, the Grand Mosque of Paris organized the first edition of the summer university from Friday 16 to Sunday 18 September. An event that he introduced as the rector of Chems-Eddine Hafiz “A new stage in the development of the Paris Grand Mosque Federation” which he leads and intends to promote.

Chems-Eddine Hafiz, who claimed 80 departmental and regional representatives attended the FNGMP, positioned his organization as a major player in Islam in France, given the complete reconstruction of the Muslim faith after the failure of the Council of France. The creation of the Forum de l’islam de France (FORIF), which includes representatives of the Muslim Community of Worship (CFCM) and federations, plays a very limited role.

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The president of the FNGMP can boast of coordination with three other Muslim federations (Rassemblement des Musulmans de France, Federation of Islamic Associations of France, Muslims of Africa, Comoros and the West Indies and France), but this remains informal. these days. None of the four organizations claim leadership in coordination. “Our coordination wants to involve other federations to bring more together” and strengthen its representation with the state, said (MF) president Mohsen Ngazou, who was particularly well represented during the summer school, but the issue of Hassan Iquioussen was further weakened. As for FORIF, “It is normal for the state to take its placehe adds, but will never be a representative of Muslims. It’s up to us to be proactive and solve our common problems.”.

A new accusation against the “scourge of Islamism”.

In the absence of the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmani, he announced for a while, but under the gaze of an audience of guests, including the head of the Central Bureau of Worship, Clément Rouchouse and in the front rows of more Algerian representatives, among them the Algerian Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments Youcef Belmehdi and the Algerian Ambassador Said Moussi, on Friday , from the Institute for the Arab World (IMA), the responsibility of Muslims “Reassessing the fundamental principles of Islam, specifically to prove that they agree with our society”.

Summer school is held “At a time when the national community is watching us and we must respond with courage and clarity. This hour is decisive. The future of Islam in French society is in danger., – said Chems-Eddine Hafiz. For some of the public opinion, “Islam and Muslims are now the main cause of divisions in our society. We don’t accept that.”he lamented as he urged his followers to do so “Impatience, not giving up on ourselves.”

“Let’s not be afraid of words: we are in a crisis. The solution to this crisis, which is slowly dragging Islam into a group of misunderstanding and mistrust, will not happen without us. It is time to understand what has happened to us, to cope with the tasks assigned to us and to act decisively.”he wanted to say.

After the summer school, the Grand Mosque of Paris wants to strengthen its leadership in Islam in France
After the summer school, the Grand Mosque of Paris wants to strengthen its leadership in Islam in France

Confirming the position that has been put forward many times and summarized in his latest book, the rector declared that Muslims are a necessity. “Look at the problems eating them from the inside out”Starting with Islamism, “political ideology” WHO “He wants to separate Muslims from the rest of society.”

“He speaks to underprivileged youth. (…) He gives her hopes with many excuses. Because Islamism is an abuse of weakness and leads directly to despair. Islamism is a bane for Muslims who want to live their faith peacefully, without political propaganda, excessive and archaic proselytizing. (…) So let’s start by stating the obvious: Islamism is not Islam.”he assures the youth before exhorting them to study their religion. “Make it an emergency, don’t stay in need. What image do we give our religion today when the humanistic, spiritual and cultural resources of Islam are there, in our hands, and others are waiting to be revealed and shine again? »

Chems-Eddine Hafiz intends to celebrate the centenary of the institution headed by him. “I was born knowing that Islam deserves respect and is not against the values ​​of the French Republic”a moment “To present to this day the memory of a whole century devoted to the establishment and recognition of the place of Islam in France”. And to declare: “France, yes, is a chance for Islam. I am sure of it. »

A meeting planned to return every year

After the opening at IMA, the summer university took place in the Grand Mosque of Paris in the following days. Considered by the participants as an opportunity to discuss and reflect on the challenges facing Islam in France, the meeting is expected to become an annual meeting. Topics covered include, “Secularism and religion in France, what place for Islam?” », “What coordination between Muslim federations, local approach and national strategy”, “Intersecting Perspectives on Different Experiences of European Islam”, “Training of Imams” or “Islam, media and political discourse in France”among others, a round table especially animated by the presence of its director Point Etienne Gernelle, columnist Karim Zeribi and Mohammed Colin, director of Saphirnews, all hosted by journalist Geneviève Delrue.

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During the last round table of this first summer university, Jean-Francois Bour, director of the National Service for Relations with Muslims (SNRM) within the Permanent Council of the French Bishops’ Conference, invited representatives of Muslim Federations. “Even if there are unpleasant emergencies right now, put yourself in a long-term perspective. We can regret that the law of separatism (several of these tenets are rejected by Christian religions, editor’s note) does not use the achievements of the past, but we have a culture of dialogue and we must continue to work on this brotherhood”.

“Even if the media turns their backs on us, knowingly or not, we continue on our merry way, because that is how Muslims, religious or not, practitioners or not, will apply themselves in French society.” The rector declared during his final speech on Sunday, September 18. “They are citizens of this country and are connected to the Republic. We absolutely want to demonstrate our commitment to the rule of law and secularism whenever possible. »

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