After a cornice on the College of Sorbonne-Nouvelle is the collapse of the ceiling slab – Liberation

Technical problems are piling up at the brand new Paris university, which has already been forced to postpone its comeback due to lack of space. CGT requires a right of withdrawal.

This move is turning into a nightmare for Sorbonne-Nouvelle University (formerly Paris III). The first return to school at its new campus in the 12th arrondissement of Paris almost led to injuries. “On Tuesday, September 21, 2022, the suspended ceiling metal plate in the office suddenly fell.”soon after an employee’s speech, alerting CGT in an internal email this Thursday that Let it go could consult. According to the union, the drama was averted in a split second. It’s a very bad way to end a project that took nine years and cost about 150 million euros of public money.

The case leaves the staff cold. The idea of ​​coming to university with a hat, which was first introduced as a joke, will almost certainly become serious. The CGT urges its colleagues to exercise their right of withdrawal, given that their security is not guaranteed.

“We involved related companies and an architectural firm [Christian de Potzamparc, ndlr] For a trip with CHSCT»exactly He contacted Jamil Dakhlia, rector of Sorbonne-Nouvelle University. This leads to different opinions about the dangerousness of the site. Staff members believe that buildings should be closed until all suspended ceilings are inspected. “According to experts, this would be an isolated case. I have requested that all suspended ceilings be inspected, preferably this weekend.” Jamil assures Dakhlia.

It should be noted that this is not the first case. On Monday, September 12, a wooden ledge fell on a student’s head during a re-enrollment meeting for first-year students in one of the university’s large auditoriums. He got out safely.thank you bun and title” according to the witness he contacted He was released.

This unfortunate event, which could be dramatic, was widely shared on social networks by the students who were there. As a sign of welcome to higher education.

After falling through the window frame in May, it was the front door that collapsed in June… The university president even had to share his email to refute fabricated rumors that the building was unsafe. This was not enough. “I asked the supervisory authorities to monitor all buildings with the participation of the rectory and CHSCT”confirm He was released Jamil Dakhlia.

The Sorbonne-Nouvel did not need it. Moving into these buildings has been delayed for 28 months by delays in one project.”complexby all the actors, had already created another problem: the new campus is too small. The start of the school year was postponed for two weeks at the last moment. Rooms in Paris have been rented and courses, especially language courses, will eventually be held remotely.

It will then be necessary to determine responsibility between the architectural firm, the Epaurif state agency responsible for managing the project, the 16 companies that intervened on the site and all their subcontractors.

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