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ADRA Belgium: the race for training

September 20, 2022 | ADRA Belgium

ADRA Home Runs 2022 is an event organized during September by ADRA Belgium.

In this regard, we have made it our mission to mobilize as many people as possible to help children around the world access a better education.

The success of this event will strengthen ADRA school projects around the world so that more children can go to school, thereby breaking the cycle of poverty for thousands of families.

With the second largest private educational network in the world, the Adventist Church plays an important role in ensuring that every child can develop their God-given potential.

From Somalia to Myanmar, from Yemen to your home, ADRA runners have changed the lives of thousands of children, women and men.

In the past, we have organized a race in Antwerp to raise funds for communities in need. This year, we are once again bringing the starting line to your doorstep!

Anyone can take part, whether you’re an Olympic athlete or just having fun, your participation will make a difference for the kids and their families!

The only thing you have to do is choose the distance you want to run (21 km, 42 km or 120 km) and start the race. Then invite your friends and family to sponsor you and complete the challenge!

Why a sponsored race?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen how solidarity and generosity helped the most vulnerable. COVID-19 hasn’t stopped us from connecting people – we’ve created “COVID-proof” events like our online solidarity concert for our #GivingDecember campaign at the end of the year.

We must be united. We want to change the world for the better. BUT a sponsored run is a great way to bring people together, even virtually, and make exercise meaningful. Participants ask their loved ones to support them and support the good cause for which they act. Plus, running for something bigger than yourself is a great way to stay motivated to keep training, meet other runners, and make training and racing more meaningful.

Choose your task

Set yourself the goal of running a certain number of miles over the next month. Alone or in a team, anything is possible!

Track your progress.

Enter your miles already covered manually or through the Strava app.

Make a difference!

Encourage your friends and loved ones to sponsor your cause and raise funds to give children access to a quality education.

Why register?

With your help, ADRA Home Runs will raise funds to educate children around the world.

Currently, every fifth child of school age does not have access to it. Without basic education, it is impossible to break out of the cycle of poverty… But when children go to school, everything changes!

ADRA helps girls, boys and adults access quality education, helping them out of poverty. A better education means more job opportunities, more security, but also better health and the ability to take control of your life.

Together we can make a difference!

From your home to theirs, take the challenge now!

How far will you go to help your child go to school?

Wherever you are, work with ADRA to give thousands of children access to quality education!


Download this poster in PDF format here.

—- (Dutch) —-

Van Somaliรซ tot Myanmar, van Jemen tot in onze achtertuinโ€ฆ ADRA-lopers maakten het verschil in het leven van duizenden kinderen, vrouwen en mannen.

At Het verleden organiseerden we een sponsorship loop in Antwerp om geld in te zamelen voor gemeenschappen in nood. Dit Jaar brengen we opnieuw de startlijn naar je voordeur!

Iedereen kan meedoen, from je nu een olympische atleet bent from gewoon plezier wilt maken, jouw deelname zal het verschil maken voor de kinderen en hun familys!

Het enige wat je hoeft te doen is de afstand kiezen die je wilt lopen (21 km, 42 km out of 120 km) and burst start. Nodig, I’m friends with the family and sponsor you! I thought this September I was uitdaging te voltooien!

Kies Jouw Witdaging

Daag jezelf uit om de komende maand een bepaald aantal kilometers those lopen.

Alleen of in the een team, alles is mogelijk!

Hou I vooruitgang bij

Registration of kilometers die je al hebt gelopen, guide through the Strava app.

Maak hat did it!

Moedig je vrienden en familie aan om je uitdaging te authoren en zamel geld in om kinderen toegang te geven tot kwaliteitsonderwijs.


Met jouw steun zal ADRA Home Runs Fonden werven om kinderen toegang te geven tot onderwijs.

Momenteel heeft รฉรฉn op de vijf kinderen van schoolgaande leeftijd geen toegang tot onderwijs. Zonder basesonderwijs – this he can be om de army spirit broken by the door … Maar als kinderen naar of the gaan school, verandert alles!

ADRA helpt meisjes, jongens en volwassenen toegang te krijgen tot onderwijs, zodat ze kunnen ontsnappen aan de armoede. Onderwijs betekent meer kansen op werk, meer zekerheid, een betere gezondheid en de kans om hun eigen leven in handen te nemen.

Samen kunnen we hat did the makeen!
Van bij jou tot bij thuis hen, neem nu de uitdaging aan!

Hoe ver zou jij gaan om een โ€‹โ€‹kind of kans te geven om naar school te gaan?

Maakt niet uit waar ter wereld je bent, the loop in September met ons mee om duizenden kinderen toegang tot kwaliteitsonderwijs te geven!


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