A brand new reconciliation fund has been launched on the Université de Saint-Boniface

This was announced on Friday during the presentation of the institution’s 2021-2022 report to members of the Franco-Manitoban community.

This fund will be used to implement initiatives that will move the University forward, which may support initiatives to support the student population, as well as support efforts to decolonize the curriculum and faculty.– said Sophie Bouffard.

He states that this is the purpose of creating this reconciliation fund Building relationships with the Francophone Métis community […] is important [pour l’Université].

We see the importance of responding to the calls of the Truth and Reconciliation Commissionthe rector explains. For Saint-Boniface University, which has had Métis students since its inception, building these relationships with the Francophone Métis has full meaning and significance.

He adds that this initiative is to get more information about the institution’s institutional history and our original and respectful approach with First Nations.

An anonymous donor recently donated $25,000 to the University to help establish this fund.

To encourage other donors, the University will match donations received up to $25,000 by March 31, 2023.

In its report for 2021-2022USB recalls that 12% of registered students identified themselves as Aboriginal. 96% of them say they are Métis.

A public event to present the annual report

Sophie Bouffard presented the institution’s annual report to the audience for the first time celebrate achievements for society. He hopes that this event will become a tradition.

The chancellor of the University of Saint-Boniface was also pleased that 86 students started their bachelor’s degree in education.

It’s a historic number and that’s great news, but without additional support from the province, the University will not be able to maintain the pace next year.but he noted.

Université de Saint-Boniface in numbers

  • 1333 students;
  • 1226 students and 1 in college programser university period;
  • 2 to 107 students studye period;
  • 14% foreign students;
  • 32% from the Scolaire franco-manitobaine section;
  • 32% from French immersion schools.

Source : Annual report 2021-2022 from Saint-Boniface University

Among other successes noted, Sophie Bouffard noted the implementation of hybrid courses to offer early childhood education students the opportunity to do their training remotely.

The aim of this initiative is to recruit and help Francophone kindergartens in rural areas To ensure the vitality of bilingual municipalities and the sustainability of French-language education in Manitobaas stated in the annual report.

Rector of the UniversityUSB also highlights the growth of the nursing program.

The achievements of the Les Rouges sports team are also mentioned in the annual report and described as an element experiential enrichment, personality uniting the community around their success.

With information from Laïssa Pamou

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