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A brand new director takes the helm of Vire Normandie’s rural household dwelling

Isabel Schartner, Director of the Village Family House in Vire. © The Voice Le Bocage

54-year-old Isabel Schartner is the new director of Rural family house on Whirl Normandy (Calvados).

She previously worked as a counselor at the rural family home in Buchi, c Sea Seine. She discovers Bocage viroiswhom she did not know.

The environment is beautiful. It is truly an inspiration. Nature is very available and well preserved.

Isabel Schartner, MFR Director

On the occasion of this new school year, she emphasizes that the numbers are increasing to reach 130 students, compared to 120 last year. “Not to mention the late registrations as we are still getting them. »

A true Norman

The new director was born in Évreux, in the Eure department. “I’m a real Norman,” she says. She picks up a Bachelor of Technology at Iron School of Agriculture, in the Oasis department. Then BTS Agronomy Production in Tilloy-lès-Mofflaines, in the Pas-de-Calais.

All these years she exercised a home help missionopposite a residence, with a couple of pensioners.

The wife had Alzheimer’s disease and the husband was hemiplegic. It’s obviously very formative when you’re only 17 years old.

Isabel Schartner, MFR Director

Personalized support

After that, Isabel Schartner started working as a teacher for two years at the vocational high school for agriculture in the city of Pays de Bray in Bremontier-Mervalin Sea Seine. “Very good high school. »

But what he is most interested in is a more personalized support with young people to help them succeed. She pursued higher education and earned a degree in life and earth sciences. Then a Diploma in Educational Sciences.

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humanistic values

Choices driven by what motivations? “With humanist values,” she immediately replies.

The degree in educational sciences, for agricultural education and the degree in life and earth sciences to be closer to young people and to biological and environmental issues.

Isabel Schartner, MFR Director

After developing for 20 years in the network of Family and country houses. And after a period of reflection on how to get even more involved, the desire to take a leadership position finally won it. “I like challenges,” she admits.

The Country House, La Florie, Pont-Farcy Road, Vire Normandy. Such. 02 31 68 60 22.

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