Google’s new service: buy and sell cars

Internet giant Google enters the car business. The technology company launched a service for buying new and used cars. For most private customers, buying a car begins on the Internet. There, dealers and individuals offer a large number of new and used cars via platforms such as or autoscout24, which can then be filtered … Read more

Ridiculous price: Schumacher auction C 63 AMG from 2010

xiaomi station wagon from 2010 much lower than the estimated price Schumacher’s C 63 gets ridiculously priced Bonhams auction house sold the former company car to Schumacher. The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG T should fetch between 50,000 and 100,000 euros, but it falls far short of expectations. The car was in Schumacher’s possession for a year. … Read more

Drug dealers fleet: 27 cars confiscated by auction

M3, Supras & Co. confiscated at public auction Record sum for drug dealer Supra In the United States, 27 confiscated cars were auctioned. They belonged to a drug dealer fleet who obviously had a flair – when it came to cars. The crime collector seems to have a particular weakness in two models. On the … Read more

Buying a motorcycle: How to find the perfect first bike for you

enduro, chopper or rather sports? If you want to buy a motorcycle, you have a great choice. Important for your first device: You don’t just have to understand how it works. You also have to know your capabilities and needs down the road. Experts help with the first purchase of a motorcycle. The decision to … Read more

Porsche 911: How to realize your dream of owning your own 911

“A garage without a Porsche 911 is a boring empty hole,” said Walter Ruhrl. The rally icon speaks to the soul of many car enthusiasts. Form, technology and motorsports are the pillars of the Porsche legend and especially the legend of the 911. “For years, the 911 was a purely sports car from a sports … Read more

Changing the oil, headlights, and brake pads: what you can fix yourself in cars

“Now I’ll help myself,” “So it’s done” or simply “Repair instructions” used to be the names of some standard bookshelf work when it comes to saving money and doing your own work on the car. With modern cars, it’s not that easy anymore. Electronics have replaced mechanical components in many places. But saving by screwing … Read more

Buying a used motorcycle: you can be happy from €2000

eFinally enjoy freedom on two wheels. Many drivers’ license holders often look for their motorcycle directly. A new machine doesn’t have to be expensive. With a used machine out there, there are a few things to consider, especially for beginners. For Klaus Herder, the perfect motorcycle is one that fits perfectly. “The owner should feel … Read more