PHEV, MHEV or Stromer: This is how efficient the three Mercedes cars are

The electric motor alone does not make plug-in and light hybrids economical. Efficiency begins with the driver – also demonstrated by the 2,000 km test drive following in the footsteps of efficiency record holder Vision EQXX with the Mercedes C300e and C300d from Stuttgart to Cassis – and back. A good old V-belt is probably … Read more

Why does the chain oscillate? |

The drive chain oscillates, especially at a constant speed. MOTORRAD explains why. Everyone should have seen it: when driving steadily on a flat road, the steering chain of the next driver vibrates almost like a recoil. Depending on the situation, you can see this in your own series in the same situation. Where does the … Read more

Google’s new service: buy and sell cars

Internet giant Google enters the car business. The technology company launched a service for buying new and used cars. For most private customers, buying a car begins on the Internet. There, dealers and individuals offer a large number of new and used cars via platforms such as or autoscout24, which can then be filtered … Read more

Sono Motors Sion (2023): market launch, price, range

Sono Motors has had to delay the start of sales of its Sion, which has been widely covered in solar cells, several times – but now it should be in the second half of 2023. There is already a contract with Finnish contract manufacturer Valmet and according to Sion engineers, They are already in intensive … Read more

Mini V8 from Toyan with 28 cc and 4 hp

Big blocks, small blocks – small blocks. The Toyan FS-V800 is a true V8, just like its full-size counterparts. However, this is not a problem with cars, because the V8 is only a few centimeters in size and weighs two kilograms. Displacement: 28 cubic meters, peak power: 4.35 hp. Toyan is a Chinese motor manufacturer … Read more

re-engauge: an alarm clock made from classic car gadgets

Alarm clock from classic instruments Re-engauge activates car tools for the home Re-engauge turns classic car kits into stylish dashboards. In modern cars, the driver looks at the instruments displayed on the screen. Such a display is more flexible and can display much more data than, for example, classic instruments with indicators – and it … Read more

Software company Apex.AI: software suite for all car manufacturers

An interview with the software company Apex.AI A set of programs for all car manufacturers Software company Apex.AI now employs more than 80 developers, half of them in Germany. In addition to suppliers Continental and ZF, the company was also able to secure Daimler Truck as an investor. CEO and founder Jan Becker, who lives … Read more

BMW Subscription: Pay only when you use it

BMW has introduced a subscription model for some of the cars’ convenience features. Is this possible for motorcycles? Anyone who requires heated seats or a heated steering wheel in their BMW has recently had four options for heating specific parts of their body. Three of them are a limited-time subscription. You can choose to use … Read more

Why does gasoline break down in the tank?

The old song: After a long pause, the motorcycle stops working or does not run properly. Diagnosis: the carburetor is closed, the fuel is broken. what happened? Mona Pekark and Jens Krachmar 07/13/2022 It should affect most motorcyclists: After a long period of rest, the bike will not start properly, or in the worst case, … Read more