digger racing party 2022| Motorradonline.de

Monday morning, half past eight in the editorial office. I sit with my eyes half open in front of the computer, and my third coffee is already below. Somehow even excess caffeine doesn’t help wake me up. Suddenly Capo stormed my PS sister magazine MOTORRAD: “Mario, watch out: you’re going to Schl├╝sselfeld on Friday, there’s … Read more

Basic jump with the Rocket Bike CRF 1000 RR

At first glance, Bradley “Slums” O’Neal’s Rocket Bike looks like a sleek and light motocross machine. At second glance, the extra-long rear swingarm and bucket wheel shape catch the eye. Ah: hill climb. But at the third glance, the amazement really begins: a straight-line four-cylinder engine is suspended in a reinforced and enlarged motocross frame! … Read more

Elbow down world record | Motorradonline.de

The old saying goes: Records are made to be broken. And even with the fastest elbow down, the limit continues to change. Since the human race roamed this planet, the principle “higher – faster – farther” has remained. It doesn’t matter what type you are in. This is often documented by a record, which in … Read more

Ducati sells Race of Champions bikes

Ducati Panigale V2 and V4S Race of Champions Ducates for home garage For the discerning Ducati enthusiast, the 21 Ducati Panigale V2 and V4S from this year’s “Race of Champions” came under the hammer. Big festival in red, there is no better way to describe Ducati World Week. The largest Ducati meeting in the world … Read more

IDM Schleiz 2022 Report | Motorradonline.de

Folk party atmosphere, signature hunters, crowded stands: Over 30,000 IDM fans celebrated at Schleizer Dreieck over the weekend. The event on Schleizer Dreieck became the unique event of the year thanks to more than 30,000 fans. Drivers from 17 countries returned the favor in the fourth of seven seasonal events with first-class races. Reiterberger: “Schleis … Read more

Mike Hillwood “Bike”: a movie with Ducati replicas

The life story of British racing legend Mike Hailwood is set to hit cinemas. The project will be performed by actor Eric Bana, who also wants to take the lead role himself. Ducati replicas from Vee Two from Australia will be used. Uli Bowman and Mike Schwartz 07/13/2022 Australian Eric Bana, who has already played … Read more