Google Maps: This new feature helps save fuel – economy

Most people have a clear idea of ​​what a navigation device should do. You want to reach your destination as quickly as possible. If you’re traveling by car and are directed by Google Maps, you’ll soon have another option. In the future, users will be able to save not only time, but also fuel. Over … Read more

Car repairs – you can still do it yourself – Auto & Mobil

Changing the oil is an advanced business because it requires some tools and they are bound to get dirty. But if the right equipment – preferably a well-equipped workshop – is available and the oil is changed correctly, then a lot of money can be saved here thanks to the “do it yourself”. Changing the … Read more

Demonstrations – Berlin – Musical protest against the expansion of a motorway without blockade – political

BERLIN (dpa/bb) – Under the slogan “Make music instead of pouring concrete,” about 100 choir musicians and singers in Berlin-Friedenau protested the further expansion of the city’s motorway. However, they had to rearrange their Thursday concert in no time: Instead of taking the highway as originally planned, they performed their musical program on a bridge … Read more

What is Translator Karin Leder up to in Villa Waldeberta – Munich

When I got here it was very calm. Villa Waldeberta seemed deserted to her, although five other scholarship holders currently live in Wildafing. “I thought I was scared,” says Karen Leader. In the meantime, she got used to being quiet and hardly wanted to leave. There is the “villa allure” that you feel right now, … Read more

Finance – These are the alternatives to an overdraft facility – Economics

Frankfurt/Main – New car or washing machine repair: Unexpected expenses can quickly pull the checking account into the red. Most of them have overdraft facilities. But that comes at a price: “Depending on the bank, consumers have to pay interest up to 13 percent,” says Max Herbst of independent financial advisory FMH in Frankfurt am … Read more

How to get a better online workshop – Auto & Mobil

What a wear, that dial! If you want to order a repair, you usually have no choice but to contact different workshops: How much does it cost to replace brake discs? What is the cost of the inspection? How much does an oil change cost? So it happens that even small services require a certain … Read more

Real estate – rising energy costs: what to do with heating oil or gas? – Business

Berlin (dpa/tmn) – Do you have oil or gas heating – worried about high energy prices and unstable supply? Concept. Unfortunately, it must be said that no one can take this anxiety away from you in the short term. But you have chances to do something. For example, you can upgrade or replace the heating … Read more

These traps lurk in reform tourism – Auto & Mobil

Just touch the scratch? The painter seems skeptical. “It’s not that easy,” says the Croatian, in fluent German. The damage extending from the anterior septum to the posterior is seen. “We have to redo the whole aspect,” adds the painter. He writes down costs on a notebook: metallic paint, three business days, plus taxes. “Made … Read more

Estimate 200 Million: Christie Warhol Marilyn Auctions – Culture

There are moments when the art market seems to believe in its propaganda. One such moment is Christie’s auction house in New York comparing Andy Warhol’s color print “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn” to the Mona Lisa. In order to be able to recall a 1964 Warhol edition with an estimated price of $200 million, the … Read more