Farewell after 28 years: Sonya and Gunter Batterman finish motorcycle training – Rem Mur Kris

How do you deal with a sudden obstacle? What is the best place to put yourself when turning right or left in a lane? What is the ideal line for taking a curve? The days when Sonya (62) and Gunter Batterman (65) gave course participants valuable road traffic advice will soon become a thing of … Read more

The stats: This is the average German biker

Motorcycle manufacturers’ advertisements primarily pay tribute to young and dynamic motorcyclists. A look at the stats paints a different picture for cyclists. As in the previous year, old men will dominate in 2021. Motorcycles are back in fashion – at least that’s what the registration numbers for the past few years show. Bold plus signs … Read more

Buying a motorcycle: How to find the perfect first bike for you

enduro, chopper or rather sports? If you want to buy a motorcycle, you have a great choice. Important for your first device: You don’t just have to understand how it works. You also have to know your capabilities and needs down the road. Experts help with the first purchase of a motorcycle. The decision to … Read more

The accident driver took a picture of a dying motorcyclist

Jul 15, 2022 at 7:12 PM Fatal accident in Dusseldorf : The accident driver took a picture of a dying motorcyclist The motorcyclist had an accident with his Auf’m Hennekamp. Relatives set candles. Photo: Stephanie Gellhausen Düsseldorf The behavior of an accident driver in Düsseldorf shocked even experienced police officers. Work is now underway on … Read more

Buying a used motorcycle: you can be happy from €2000

eFinally enjoy freedom on two wheels. Many drivers’ license holders often look for their motorcycle directly. A new machine doesn’t have to be expensive. With a used machine out there, there are a few things to consider, especially for beginners. For Klaus Herder, the perfect motorcycle is one that fits perfectly. “The owner should feel … Read more