Sur-Ron Lightbee X Ride Review |

The Lightbee X is a small electric off-road vehicle that means business and is great as a source of fun. If some kind of motorcycle needs an electric motor, it’s an off-road one. In addition to plenty of power, the nearly silent electric motor brings a lot of acceptance and helps the road die in … Read more

Pre-MV Agusta Lucky Explorer 9.5 Series in Driving Report

With the introduction of Project Lucky Explorer 9.5, MV Agusta caused a stir at EICMA 2021, as this model plays in a class that until now seemed distant to the Italians. After a good nine months, MOTORRAD was allowed to test a pre-series model – with promising results. A few years ago, no one would … Read more

HD Pan America: Long-Term Experiences and Problems

Endurance Test: Harley-Davidson Pan America 50000 km off-road harley 50,000 km Endurance Test of the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 S. Here you will find long-term trials and problems. Pan America actually gained first experiences dealing with editors when comparing the big travel Enduros in MOTORRAD 13/22. That was only enough for fifth out of five … Read more

The stats: This is the average German biker

Motorcycle manufacturers’ advertisements primarily pay tribute to young and dynamic motorcyclists. A look at the stats paints a different picture for cyclists. As in the previous year, old men will dominate in 2021. Motorcycles are back in fashion – at least that’s what the registration numbers for the past few years show. Bold plus signs … Read more

Buying a motorcycle: How to find the perfect first bike for you

enduro, chopper or rather sports? If you want to buy a motorcycle, you have a great choice. Important for your first device: You don’t just have to understand how it works. You also have to know your capabilities and needs down the road. Experts help with the first purchase of a motorcycle. The decision to … Read more

Ducati 2022 riding experience for MOTORRAD readers

One MOTORRAD reader and four readers won a training weekend organized by Ducati with Adventure Ducatis in Italy. This not only results in a great experience, but also leads to friendships. The concept is nothing new: savvy marketing experts are transferring the aura of a motorcycle company beyond pure products into a world of expertise. … Read more