Sur-Ron Lightbee X Ride Review |

The Lightbee X is a small electric off-road vehicle that means business and is great as a source of fun. If some kind of motorcycle needs an electric motor, it’s an off-road one. In addition to plenty of power, the nearly silent electric motor brings a lot of acceptance and helps the road die in … Read more

Pursang E-Track Driving Report: It Only Looks Good

With E-Track, Spanish company Pursang has a stylish electric motorcycle on offer. Unfortunately, the carbon tracker doesn’t work as well as it seems. It’s easy to fall in love with Pursang’s E-Track. Beautiful graphic, with clear lines, elegant body, exquisite details and the current charm of a modern classic bike, the Spaniard is the heart. … Read more

Ottobike: 125cc electric bikes from Taiwan |

Three 125cc Electric Bikes in the Ride Report Trinity electric turbo from Taiwan Ottobike from Taiwan showcases three Ovaobikes, stylish electric 125s with 14-inch wheels. We rode all three: the Ovaobike MCR-H, the Ovaobike MCR-M and the Ovaobike MCR-S. To name a company after the technology that is being replaced by its own products is … Read more

Alrendo TS Bravo: MOTORRAD drove the China Stromer

MOTORCYCLE drove the Alrendo TS Bravo. The powerful cruiser does its job well, but it still needs some fine-tuning. Impressive – that’s the spontaneous thought when you first contact the Alrendo TS Bravo. In Helmond, Netherlands, in the Electronic Center on the Automotive Campus, I see a life-size China Stromer. What wasn’t immediately clear is … Read more

Electronic Car Collection: The Search for the Super Battery

Larger range and faster charging: Solid-state batteries should make electronic cars cheaper and more convenient for long trips. But it will be years before the power batteries come along. 06/27/2022 John Winterhagen Two steps forward, one step back. This is how research works, as the example of miracle batteries shows over and over again. In … Read more

Energica Experia Motorcycle Riding Report |

Energica Experia Driving Report Bridle torque in dolomite: Zoom-Zoom 2.0 Small but adorable electronics manufacturer Energica is aiming for volume and is introducing the Experia for the first time, a motorcycle for a ride that’s no longer too small, either alone or in pairs. I rode a motorcycle. Renee Corera and Jens Krachmar (Producers) 06/20/2022 … Read more

LM Creations Transformation Kit: Electric Boxers for Everyone

LM Creations from the Netherlands has developed an electric motor for old two-valve boxers. This affects us all: having a BMW two-valve body in the garage with the engine damaged and no idea what to do with it. Before the usual walk to the usual suspects, the kinetic kit from LM Creations from the Netherlands … Read more