Zero Blackbeard – Electric Loud Flyer

Well Camouflaged: The electric zero is hidden under the Plan B Blackbird’s dark aluminum casing. It’s Christian Moretti’s first custom electric bike project. So far, the Italian has made a name for himself with the unusual conversions of several classic motorcycles from Europe, Japan and the USA, preferably with large, air-cooled engines. Speaking of names: … Read more

Fuel line repair and costs incurred: Information!

Are the fuel lines/fuel hose defective? We know the symptoms and the repair process and we also have some information about the costs involved! Yes, first some important information about fuel hose repair. What is the function of fuel lines? lines (Also known as gasoline line or diesel lineTransfer the necessary fuel from the tank … Read more

June 24, 1910 Founding of Alfa Romeo ¬Ľ

At the beginning of the twentieth century, car manufacturers appeared all over the world. On June 24, 1910, Lombardy businessmen bought the majority of a car factory founded four years earlier by Alexandre Darac in Milan. This resulted in the emergence of the “Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili” – in short: Alfa Romeo appeared later from … Read more

Ride the legends of motorbikes on the weekend

Sachsenring Classic: Motorcycle legends drive this weekend From July 15-17, Sachsenring will once again be converted into a venue for historic racing vehicles. ADAC Sachsenring Classic comes to Hohenstein-Ernsthal for the third time. Hohenstein Ernstahl. From July 15-17, Sachsenring will once again be converted into a venue for historic racing vehicles. ADAC Sachsenring Classic comes … Read more

When can goodwill be expected?

to step after expiration legal Warranty commitment Straight New car manufacturer warranty If there are defects in the car, there is still hope for them Good faith from the manufacturer. However, this is a very complex topic and is often accompanied by a number of problems. Probably every driver’s nightmare. For two years there was … Read more

Learn to drive – using hydrogen cars in North Friesland | – News

Status: 06/25/2022 5:41 PM Unlike electric cars, hydrogen cars are still rare in Germany. A driving instructor from North Friesland took the risk anyway and bought two hydrogen cars for his fleet. by Luke Knauer “And then we want to turn right here right away. Don’t forget the inner mirror, the outer mirror, and replace … Read more

Influencer Anne Katherine Bendixen: Around the World on a Motorcycle | – Culture

Status: 07/12/2022 3:58 PM At the age of nineteen, Anne Katherine Bendixen of Schleswig-Holstein went out into the wide world, alone with her motorcycle. She met a lot of people, and above all, saw a lot of the world. After graduating from high school, Ann-Kathrin Bendixen from Handewitt in Schleswig-Holstein got on her motorcycle and … Read more

Inflation: Why fuel, heating, and groceries are getting so expensive

Hamburg. to me gas stations Prices for a liter of gasoline are close to the euro 2 mark. If you heat a large family house with gas, then you already have to calculate energy costs from 3,500 to 4,000 euros per year, and heating appliances or parquet floors charge an additional 9.4 percent for their … Read more