Ball Beach Classic Rally 2022: 120 classics from 7 decades

With the Bull Beach Classic for classic cars built until 2002, Motor Press Stuttgart celebrates the anniversary of its founding publisher, racing driver Bull Beach (1911 to 2012) from the Black Forest. Marcel Sommer, Dirk Juhay 05/28/2022 For the third time in a row, Austrians Norbert Grismayer and Ferdinand Baumgartner won the Pool Beach Classic. … Read more

Mini Recharged Project: E-drive for the old Mini

Mini offers owners of old Minis the conversion to an electric motor. Skeptics have to be told: the conversion can also be undone completely. A unique piece by designer Paul Smith aims to demonstrate the sustainability of the recharge approach. In 2018, an old BMW Mini was converted into an electric motor for the New … Read more

MASERATI Other 12/1980 for sale 69,950 €

Information in German: This is Pietro Frua, he can draw. Beautiful design was given to it by DeTomaso Longchamp with a mission to give it a look more suited to Maserati. We can only say that he succeeded in this task. The Kyalami is a luxury coupe that still has the distinctive Maserati look. This … Read more

10 luxury cars that have just been abandoned

( – No one in their right mind would leave behind a car worth hundreds of thousands of euros. Even after a costly accident or breakdown. But many wealthy people seem to think otherwise, and some do not hesitate to leave their sports or luxury cars in a ditch or in an empty yard. © … Read more

Peugeot 09/1958 Others for sale €99,500

Information in German: Given the total sales of the Peugeot 403, the share of the 403 convertible is very small. Between 1955 and 1965, Peugeot sold 1.2 million 403s, only 2,043 of which were 403 Cabriolet. Unlike most Peugeot cars of the time, the 403 was built in Italy by Pininfarina. Pininfarina was responsible for … Read more

TV times, participants, history and co.

( — For two years, fans and drivers of the IndyCar series have had to do without a race in Canada. This weekend, Toronto’s traditional street race will be held again for the first time since 2019. It’s just that the city circuit on the shore of Lake Ontario is now being used for the … Read more

What do you do with heating oil or gas?

Homepage life residence creature: 07/15/2022updated: 07/15/2022 3:10 PM split, rip In recent years, the heat pump has evolved from a specialized product to a fashionable one among heating systems in private buildings. They are found mainly in new buildings, but also more and more often in existing ones. © Andrea Warnick / dpa-tmn You should … Read more