VW Golf II G60 Limited: a golf legend for €93,000

Only 71 examples of the Golf G60 Limited were built. One is now for sale in the UK with left-hand drive, priced at around €93,000. In 1989, Volkswagen, together with the motorsport division, launched the ultimate golf – the Golf G60 Limited, of which 71 copies were made only by hand at Volkswagen Motorsport. Today, … Read more

The gas emergency plan takes effect: this is how Germany wants to save and reduce gas prices 09.08.22

Gas comes to Germany from Russia much less. Now it must be obtained elsewhere. This drives up the price of gas, and consumers face enormous additional costs. The gas emergency plan that came into effect initially provided for the voluntary provision of gas. can go wrong. A European gas emergency plan to prepare for a … Read more

5 Most Expensive NFTs in the World: Projects Shown

Hi, I’m Dominic – Founder of this blog! Together with a small (but good) team of financial journalists, asset managers and stock market experts, I bring you the best content on finance and investment topics. The most expensive NFTs sold to date have been altered for unbelievable amounts of money. The sale of these non-fungible … Read more

1964 Shelby Cobra 289 for sale

1964 Shelby Cobra 289 won countless historic races – now for sale. Thanks to its combination of light weight and plenty of engine power, the Cobra, which has been in production since 1962, has grown into a racing legend. With the Ace, British company AC built a car that American racing driver and designer Carroll … Read more

Hotel Am Schlossgarten in Stuttgart: from hair dryers to grand pianos – sale in full swing – Stuttgart

The sale continues until the end of August. Photo: Lichtgut / Max Kovalenko Everything has to go before the Althoff Hotel am Schlossgarten is temporarily closed. Private clients and big clients buy hotel furniture. Visit the seller. “Everything is already here,” says Albrecht Minkner, then enters the former canteen kitchen of the Althoff Hotel am … Read more

Alternative investments you can profit from!

High inflation doesn’t have to be all bad. If you’re interested in ways to take advantage of higher costs, you’re in luck. There are a variety of online investment platforms that you can access to invest in these three alternative assets of your choice. Even better, many of these platforms are also open to non-accredited … Read more

Strong market for art

Real estate. Unexpected treasures that could have accumulated in the inheritance? The potentially lucrative opportunity to monetize things you’re not attached to and don’t want to keep? Those who inherited often do not know exactly what has already passed into their possession. If you want to be on the safe side and make a proper … Read more

Thai Airways auctions retired Boeing 737-400s

The national airline of Thailand has been in the red for a long time and is looking for innovative ways out of bankruptcy. Thai Airways, Thailand’s state airline, has been looking at ways to counter negative balance sheets for some time. Recently, aircraft parts have been sold to individuals to generate income. Now you’re taking … Read more

Online Auction Mercedes 560 SEC Koenig Special Offers

A very special Mercedes is currently for sale via the online auction platform: the 560 SEC with a wide body kit from a famous manufacturer. Anyone who deals with the legendary Munich tuner Koenig Specials always embarks on a journey through time. the cars? Pure eighties and nineties nostalgia. The company’s website, which is now … Read more