Technical Benefit Auction: Proceeds will be donated to Ukraine

Spring Art Festival Technical Benefit Auction: Proceeds will be donated to Ukraine 07.05.2022, 19:00 | Reading time: 3 minutes Selling Local Art for Ukraine: Charity Auction of the Artspring Festival at Sch√∂nhauser Allee Arcaden. picture: Sergej Glanze / FUNKE Photo Services Artworks by Pankow were auctioned off as part of … Read more

Estimate 200 Million: Christie Warhol Marilyn Auctions – Culture

There are moments when the art market seems to believe in its propaganda. One such moment is Christie’s auction house in New York comparing Andy Warhol’s color print “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn” to the Mona Lisa. In order to be able to recall a 1964 Warhol edition with an estimated price of $200 million, the … Read more

Leading auction houses around the world want to take advantage of the NFT boom

Famous auction house James Christie recently made a $1 million bid to purchase virtual monkey masterpieces for a crypto company. Another famous auction house, Sotheby’s, has sold the internet source code under the name NFT for about $5 million. Who would have thought that the world’s leading auction houses would one day make millions selling … Read more

You should never do this on eBay

Millions of Germans buy and sell things on eBay. One of the largest online marketplaces in the world is almost unparalleled in this country. eBay used to be more of an auction house than it is today, with many merchants now selling new products at a fixed price just as they do in other online … Read more

Apple’s new privacy spot: Sophie’s data auction

Thomas Hartmann According to Apple, they care a lot about our privacy. Or rather to protect them from data collectors. Apple clearly demonstrates the benefits of this in a short video about the Data Auction. iPhone has privacy features like app tracking transparency and email privacy. They help you control who sees your data and … Read more

Mercedes sold 300 SLR for 135 million euros

Mercedes-Benz sold one of two Uhlenhaut coupes from the 1950s. With the stated price, not only is the Swabians the most valuable car sold, but the eight-cylinder super sports car is the most expensive car in the world. Andreas of Alinger, Thomas Harloff 05/20/2022 There have been rumors for a long time, and now the … Read more

Silverstone auction with youth sports icons | Car engine and sports

During a meeting in England at the end of May, Silverstone sold at auction junior sportsmen from Aston Martin to Renault. Not everything has been sold. As part of the Supercar Fest at Sywell Aerodrome, held for the third time this year last weekend in May, British auction house Silverstone Auctions auctioned 86 sports cars … Read more