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Changing the oil is an advanced business because it requires some tools and they are bound to get dirty. But if the right equipment – preferably a well-equipped workshop – is available and the oil is changed correctly, then a lot of money can be saved here thanks to the “do it yourself”.

Changing the oil is easiest if you can park under the car, that is, over a workshop pit or with a stationary lifting platform. Refrain from using jacks and jack stands, firstly don’t lift the car too far and secondly there can be serious consequences if you roll off the road and the car falls. A cheap alternative is driving ramps, which, however, require more physical effort because you have to work under the car.

First unscrew the oil drain plug on the oil pan. However, pull it out completely when you place a collection container under it. With a little skill, you can pull your hand away quickly enough so that the oil used in it doesn’t get contaminated and the screw still doesn’t fall into the collecting container. Once the oil has dried completely, close the oil pan again with the screw. But don’t over-tighten, lest the threads break and it’s easy to undo the next time.

Before pouring new oil, change the oil filter. It is on the other side of the oil pan and can be removed. Usually a little oil drips here, which is why the collection container should also be under the opposite point. Make sure the seals are completely separated as well. If residue remains on the thread, the new oil filter cannot be tightly attached to the oil pan. Before installing it, grease the flange stopper with some new engine oil. Place the new filter directly on the threads so that it does not intersect with the thread and wrap it tightly.

Now lower the car or remove it from the pit – without starting the engine of course – so you can easily fill in new oil. Fill it into the designated port on the motor. The amount you need is in the guide. First fill a little less and use the dipstick to check how much you still need. Pour enough oil so that it is halfway between the minimum and maximum marks on the dipstick. Now run the engine for a while until the oil filter is saturated and fill it with the right amount – usually about half a liter.

Perform individual steps as accurately as possible. For example, if the oil drain plug and filter are not connected correctly, or if too much or too little oil is filled, it can cause serious damage, which in the worst case can destroy the engine. It is also important to use the type of oil recommended by the manufacturer (specified in the manual) and, of course, to properly recycle the used oil.

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