Selling cars becomes electricity

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Selling cars becomes electricity

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From wall box installation and charge tags to express yard project planning – Plattlinger AVP Dealership Group sells comprehensive electric mobility packages. This makes the multi-brand dealership one of the winners of the Automotive Business Awards 2022 in the sales category.

AVP has created its new Mobility Center right next to the VW Workshop.

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The large black facade with its curved pattern and solid, closed front door reminds us of a hip nightclub. If you then enter the great hall, which is also black inside, the stunning effect is great: brilliant lighting and mirror effects give the impression that you are in a spaceship. At second glance, the various wall chests in the wall niches catch the eye.

The Mobility Center of Plattling-based car dealership group AVP Autoland, which opened in September 2021, serves as a point of contact for private and commercial customers looking for in-depth expertise in the subject of electricity and charging infrastructure.

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With the Futuristic Mobility Center, which costs around 400,000 euros, AVP Managing Director Franz Hertretter Jr. Also its financially leading role in the field of electricity: the family business, which sells the brands of the VW group in 16 locations, offers its customers much more than competent advice on everything related to KfW financing, green electricity, electricity storage and charging infrastructure. The merchant is now a supplier of electricity to private customers. “We take our customers in hand and act as a 360-degree service provider for everything related to electric mobility in eastern Bavaria,” says Franz Hertretter Jr. Its purpose in a nutshell.

The idea of ​​specializing in electricity and charging infrastructure came to him during the Corona lockdown in 2020. Due to the temporary stalemate in daily operations, the focus at the time was on future strategic planning. At the same time, the speed of electric mobility increased rapidly. In this case, more and more salespeople reported that they did not have an answer to every question asked by e-car buyers and that they were unable to fulfill many of their desires. The businessman saw this as an opportunity. “In the first step, the focus was on the concept of the service. In the second step, we then thought about how to make money with a comprehensive range of electronic mobility means,” says Franz Hertretter Jr. AVP Mobility’s own brand development process.

Ganz ohne Vorgaben und Denkverbote machte sich der Unternehmer mit einem kleinen Team daran, ein neues Geschäftsfeld zu entwickeln: „Wir haben als Start-up im eijenen Unternehmen agiert“, erzätret mälter lichterät truchrä färät Scherfärätärät lichter Franz Hirä färch. he is. Step by step, the team developed more and more ideas for offers and services related to electric mobility.

Home electricians installing wall boxes

Private customers can now not only buy an electronic car with an individually suitable wall box from AVP. The dealer group also employs electricians and offers an installation service. In addition, the group of car dealerships issues a privately-branded internal charge card to its customers and employees. This allows them to recharge their batteries at all public charging stations across Europe. If you head to one of the express charging areas that the AVP Group now operates in many of its locations, you will benefit from attractively priced electricity tariffs.

Auto Business Award 2022: Best Car Dealership in Germany

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The package that the car dealership group has put together for its key customers is even more comprehensive: AVP isn’t just delivering results with its extensive array of charging infrastructure, ranging from 22kW wall boxes to superchargers. It’s also handling a GHG premium for them and now also planning full fast charging pools. Another major offer for customers is the receipt of the electricity bill for their employees who are entitled to use the company car. If you charge a company car in the wall charger in your home, AVP reimburses the costs and sends a bill to your business owner with a transparent overview of when and how much to charge the electricity.

Backend system for charging infrastructure management

In order to be able to handle complex cash flows, AVP uses software from Has-to-be that has been adapted to the needs of the car dealership group. Thanks to the software, AVP is able to manage not only its own charging infrastructure, but also the infrastructure of its main customers. Among other things, the car dealership group sees how many people are currently charging their car in kilowatts at a stored charging station and how high the turnover is generated. In addition, all AVP charge cards are stored in the program.

Franz Hertretter Jr. uses the software, among other things, to analyze sites where the installation of fast charging stations is advantageous or where it makes sense to invest in a PV system because energy consumption is particularly high.

When preparing his new mainstay, it was Franz Hertretter Jr. Mastering some challenges according to their own statement: It was difficult to get a professional electrician. Entering the new handicraft register in the chamber of craftsmanship and above all changing the commercial purpose in the commercial register was a time consuming procedure. The registration with the regional network operator, which is necessary to access the customer’s electricity meter, is also complicated. This could have been accompanied by costly and time-consuming additional training.

Charging parks project planning as a source of income

Almost a year after AVP Mobility started, Franz Hirtreiter jr. However, confident that we have set the right strategic path and paved the way for new sources of income. “We don’t make a lot of money from the wallbox itself, but from installing it. Financially, however, the shipping yards project layout for our major clients is particularly attractive – an area of ​​business we want to expand,” he notes. AVP also earns money from the electricity itself. “The bottom line is that AVP Mobility generated sales of €270,000 in the first six months after its founding. We expect to break even in 2022, and the company should start generating income from 2023”, asserts the entrepreneur.

According to the general manager, the classic car sales business is also benefiting from the development of the new business district. In 2021, we had an above-average share of e-cars of 22 percent. Altogether, we have sold more than 1,000 electric vehicles,” says Franz Hertretter Jr. In the meantime, AVP is increasingly winning over private and commercial customers from other car dealerships who do not feel they are receiving sufficient advice when it comes to charging infrastructure.

The car dealership manager deliberately left classic wall box advice for private customers with his car sales reps – powered by E-Mobilio’s white label digital advice platform. AVP’s Navigation team only begins to deal with the most complex customer issues. Since this summer, this has also included tips on photovoltaics. “As a car dealership, you have to generate new sources of income and provide customers with added value – especially via the digital route,” says Franz Hertretter Jr. He is convinced that AVP Mobilíty will bring the company at least the same income as a car dealership.

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