Musical protest against highway expansion without blockade – dpa

uUnder the slogan “Make music instead of pouring concrete”, about 100 choir musicians and singers in Berlin-Friedenau protested against the further expansion of the city highway. However, they had to rearrange their Thursday concert in no time: Instead of taking the highway as originally planned, they performed their musical program on a bridge over the highway. Shortly before, the police banned the planned blockade of the A103 at the Saarstrasse junction.

A police spokesman said the reason for the complete closure of Western Highway 115 due to bushfires in Grunewald. In order to avoid further traffic chaos, the A103 should remain free as another important route into Berlin city centre.

The organizers of the “Lebenslaute” initiative were offered two alternative sites. After internal consultation, they reluctantly decided on one of them, the Friedenauer bridge over the A103 at the Saarstrasse junction.

Although this bridge is usually used by many cars. But the traffic obstructions as a result of the concert on the street were much lower than in the case of the highway blockade. However, according to the Traffic Information Center, the bus line has been temporarily suspended.

A spokesperson for the initiative criticized the police’s actions and spoke of “arbitrary” and “breaking the law”. “We reserve the right to take further steps – including legal ones,” he said.

Days before the protest ceremony, there were rumors between the organizers and the police. Because it was originally supposed to take place on the A100 between the Tempelhof and Oberlandstrasse junction. Because the police expected greater traffic obstructions than on the A103, the new location was marked.

The event in Friedenau on Thursday was not the only one among the “Lebenslaute” group. Early in the morning, the musicians started their day with a previously unannounced job. Dozens of them occupied a highway construction site near Treptor Park for a few hours.

Their spokesperson said they played music, construction workers listened, and the atmosphere was calm and serene. Construction work was halted during work. According to the police, officials at the construction site reported a breach of security.

Active across the country since the mid-1980s, the “Lebenslaute” group mainly plays classical music in what they consider to be “human threatening” venues. The actions in Berlin, which were supported by the Berlin Alliance against the A100 initiative and “Sand in the Gears”, were directed mainly against the Federal Ministry of Transport’s plans to expand the A100 in the east of the city, but also against the federal transport route plan and the “ossified transport policy”. As a whole.

The A100 between the Neukölln Triangle and Treptower Park is currently under construction. The Federal Ministry of Transport plans to build further from there in the direction of Lichtenberg.

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