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akz-i Berlin: The Federal Government is asking us to save every day. Robert Habeck, Minister of Economy, finds words striking in light of the continued rise in gas prices.

The Minister for Digital Affairs and Transport, Volker Wessing, also swears by Germany to save.

But how is this supposed to work? Travelers and anyone who uses their car for trips eg B. Going to nursery school, school or shopping simply cannot do without their car even in the most expensive tank year in history.

But don’t panic. There is an opportunity to save. Do it yourself with the right partner is the order of the day and this is called Autodoc. With millions of spare parts, fair prices, fast delivery, and many self-repair tips, it helps keep your car in top condition. A large network of important suppliers of many high-quality items for more than 160 car brands makes almost any repair possible. Millions of car owners across Europe already know this and thousands join them every day. Every woman and every man with a handicraft skill or flair often rests only because it was not yet needed. We’re used to making a lot of repairs in our homes, so why isn’t our German favorite car?

It doesn’t matter if it’s changing the windshield wipers, replacing the battery, scratching the car, small or major paint damage, checking brake discs, changing headlights and much more – the person who fixes these defects or Damaging itself is clever and usually does so in the truest sense of the word saves it an expensive auto repair shop. He also drives more quietly afterwards, as he avoids accident risks. For example, using a worn windshield wiper or an oil level that has not been filled in time can cause serious damage. Autodoc, Europe’s largest online retailer of auto parts, offers plenty of expert advice, in-depth guides and do-it-yourself videos for just such repairs. So the customer is never left alone.

Excuses that car repairs are expensive and that you have soft hands are a thing of the past thanks to companies like Autodoc. It is better to download the application right away, because the prices are cheaper here.

Conclusion: With Autodoc, you drive safely and the owner saves money – a lot of money. Here are some examples: when changing the oil, it is on average a third of the costs of the workshop. Changing the windshield wipers is about 50 percent cheaper and changing the brake discs and pads saves you up to three gaskets. So it’s smart to do it yourself.

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