Soest: A serious accident at McDonald’s – a motorcycle crash in a Seat

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A serious accident occurred at Werler Landstrasse in Soest on Wednesday evening. © Daniel Schroeder

Serious accident late evening in Soest. A motorbike operated by two men crashed head-on into a round seat at Werler Landstrasse near McDonald’s. The men were seriously injured. 18 witnesses had to be cared for.

Soest – a torn front wheel, a destroyed Kawasaki Ninja hanging in the front of the Ibiza seat, a shattered windshield of the car, signs of an accident spanning several meters – silent witnesses to a serious accident at Werler Landstraße explained what happened here late Wednesday night must have happened .

The motorbike, on which two men – a 24-year-old from Bad Sassendorf while a 21-year-old from Welver was seated as a passenger – was sitting outside the city on Werler Landstrasse at about 10:25 pm. At a McDonald’s restaurant, the car apparently crashed into a Seat Leon at high speed. “The motorbike broke through the hood of the car,” police spokesman Wolfgang Löckenkemper said. The seat driver, a 35-year-old from Soest, was heading into town and was crossing the oncoming lane to turn into a McDonald’s location or Jet gas station.

The front wheel of the motorcycle was torn from the fork due to the force of the impact.
The front wheel of the motorcycle was torn from the fork due to the force of the impact. © Daniel Schroeder

The SEAT driver later testified that he had not seen a motorbike shoot at him. “According to numerous testimonies, the 24-year-old accelerated his Kawasaki Ninja from the traffic lights at the Cleviche Strasse intersection to the scene of the accident at full speed,” explained Wolfgang Löckenkemper. It is only 160 meters from the traffic light to the scene of the accident. According to the tracks on the rear tire of the Kawasaki, the motorcyclist tried to avoid the front collision by braking hard, but it was too late.

The motorcyclist tried to avoid the accident by braking hard.
The motorcyclist tried to avoid the accident by braking hard. © Daniel Schroeder

The collision knocked the two men out of the machine, the 24-year-old driver crashed into the windshield and landed on the street, and the 21-year-old passenger flew over the car and landed only several meters into the street.

Serious accident in Soest: men are thrown from a motorbike – 21-year-old is in mortal danger

Both were very seriously injured in the accident – according to preliminary estimates made by rescuers on the site, a risk to life, at least for the passenger, cannot be excluded. The police spokesman stated that he was not wearing protective clothing. “Rescue workers have taken the young man, who was in mortal danger, to hospital,” Lokenkember stated. After receiving first aid at Soest Hospital, he was taken to a private clinic.

At least the SEAT driver was unharmed. He was in shock.

Serious accident in Soest: priests have to take care of 18 people

In addition to the three people involved in the accident, there were many more affected: during the night 18 people were said to have witnessed the accident or the moments that followed. Several forces from Psychosocial Emergency Care (PSNV) have acted on their behalf. “Those affected who noticed the event in the area sought talks with PSNV emergency services,” said Christoph Blume, Soest’s fire brigade chief.

Those seriously injured were given first aid by the rescue service and taken to clinics, the SEAT driver was examined on site and then taken away by relatives. There were a total of two emergency physicians, two ambulances, a patient transport vehicle, the chief emergency physician and the organizational director of the rescue service.

The SEAT driver was about to switch to McDonald's and the gas station when the motorcycle crashed into the front of his car.
The SEAT driver was about to switch to McDonald’s and the gas station when the motorcycle crashed into the front of his car. © Daniel Schroeder

Shortly after their arrival, the rescue forces named the Soest fire brigade, which came with a fire truck from downtown: “We supported the rescue service in caring for the sick and at the same time scattered the spilled resources. Then we took the arrangement of the deployment site,” says Christoph Blume.

Accident in the Soest: Expert for Reconstructing Conditions

There were also several police forces – including from Soest, Lippstadt and Warstein – on site. They made a detailed accident log. In addition, a Dekra expert arrived from Dortmund. was the expert with
Commissioning to prepare a reconstruction report.

Werler Landstraße was lit up by firefighters until late at night to record the incident. The complete shutdown of the Werler Landstraße was lifted again around 2 am.

Werler Landstraße is closed until late at night.
Werler Landstraße is closed until late at night. © Daniel Schroeder

Investigators have seized the two cars involved. For some of the 23 firefighters, there was a parallel shooting in the Old Town. Trash should be burned in the pedestrian zone. However, the fire was quickly put out. Fire Department spokesman Kay Waits reported that a smoking litter can was extinguished with a foam fire extinguisher.

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