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The old saying goes: Records are made to be broken. And even with the fastest elbow down, the limit continues to change.

Since the human race roamed this planet, the principle “higher – faster – farther” has remained. It doesn’t matter what type you are in. This is often documented by a record, which in turn encourages others to repeat the same thing – only better or more extreme. This logo also applies to motorcycles. Whether it’s top speed record, highest performance, best acceleration, or longest jump… the list is endless. Relatively new field of record-breaking, or those who aspire to be one, who can do the fastest? The rules for setting a valid world record come from the ladies and gentlemen in the “Guinness Book of Records” and are as simple as they are understandable: at a distance of 30 metres, the elbow must run over the asphalt, the speed is controlled by a light barrier at entry and exit was measured and must be at least 100 miles (160.93 kilometres). Peasy if you can.

Uno number

The arms race for the drag body part began in 2020. American Josh Herren, who currently competes in the AMA Superbike as a rider and also a talented unicycle and two-wheel drift artist, was the first to set the record. He was not only the first record holder, but also the one who, together with one of his patrons, came up with the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe amazing attempt at a beer mood. December 2020, it’s time: Josh Herrin fired his Yamaha R6 around a left turn on the third attempt at 162.4 km/h and pulled the required 30 meters over the asphalt with his elbow.

The answer from our company

As colleagues from PS followed the whole thing with great interest, a plan was hatched in the depths of our editorial team: the record should go to us! The right pilot is quickly found who a) has what it takes and b) is probably crazy enough. Fabian Dressler, Editor at MOTORRAD and PS, was the pick — well, he actually volunteered, because Fabian is always up for crazy things. So in August 2021 we drove towards Slovakiaring, where there is a similar fast right-hand turn (turn 2) with a linear curve. In a standard Honda CBR 1000 RR-R Fireblade SP, filled with Bridgetsone V02 sticky patch, fellow Dresler shot through light barriers at an insane speed of 168.65 km/h on the third try – insane! The champagne stoppers popped up and the party inside the editorial office was crazy too, but that’s another topic. One thing was for sure: we (or rather Fabian) are record holders!

French answer

Fabian’s record has now been on record for about a year, but as mentioned above, there are records to be broken. Bretrand Gold, a journalist with his French colleagues from “Moto Revue”, broke Fabian’s record at the Paul Ricard circuit. Also in the standard Honda CBR 1000 RR-R Fireblade SP, this time on the Pirelli Diablo slides, Bertrand sprinted across the curve at a crazy 171.43 km/h and rubbed elbows. Congratulations, world record! It remains to be seen how long this record will last. At least we in the editorial office are already busy discussing and thinking.


The principle of “higher – faster – farther” also applies to elbow milling. The current record holder is Frenchman Bertrand Gould, who drove through light barriers at a speed of 171.43 km / h.

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