MASERATI Other 01/1963 for sale at €239,500

Information in German:
Maserati Sebring (Tipo AM 101 / S). With no car it is critical whether it is the first or second series. The Sebring 1 series, as in this case, is a car with an incredibly beautiful design. Series 2 is great too, but not half as cute as Series 1. This example was delivered new in 1963 in the USA. The car was ordered as a demonstration car, and therefore it was given the main factory options, namely: a 5-speed ZF gearbox and all-round disc brakes. The car has the rare but beautiful Amaranto Rame Metallizato color and “Pelle Nero” inside. As you can imagine this example has not been in the showroom for a very long time. A month after the arrival of the car it was delivered to its first owner, Mr. Brown, owned the car until 1999, after which the car had two other owners in the US until the last owner bought the car in 2015. In 2018 he decided to hire the famous Maserati specialist Peschl to carry out the restoration and renovation work The complete work continued into 2020 and was carried out to very high standards. Bills of approximately €100,000 are included with the car.

So the body is in an absolute extreme condition. The full body is no exaggeration at least as beautiful, or even prettier than when the car left the Modena factory. It has thin metal sheets and it fits perfectly. The paint work was to a very high standard and the paint looks beautiful too. The car hasn’t been driven much since the restoration and you can feel it right away. The car has its original rims with new tires and things like the fenders and lighting have been completely refurbished. The car looks like new.

The interior was completely re-upholstered during the restoration with a great sense of authenticity. So the combination of colors is quite original, as well as the materials used. So the interior looks as if the car just rolled off the assembly line. The seats are upholstered in beautiful black leather and of course re-upholstered during the restoration. The carpet has been renovated and is in excellent condition. All the tools and controls have been fixed and they look new as well, which of course works perfectly. Parts like the title were also completely renovated, keeping in mind the factory design at the time.

The technology has been completely revised, the engine is original and equipped with the famous Lucas injection. Not only was the engine completely overhauled, but the gearbox and differential lock were also completely overhauled. The car has air conditioning and the brakes have been completely renewed. When we open the engine compartment, we immediately see that here, too, there was a great deal of originality and a very high level of work done, and only by professionals. When we start the 3.5 liter engine in a row, and take off, this perception is confirmed once again. The engine makes 220 horsepower and looks great, and the ZF gearbox shifts precisely and has identical ratios, so you can always drive in the right rpm range.

The vehicle documentation is as detailed as the work done. The vehicle is delivered with all bills of work done and plenty of additional information about the vehicle’s history. It is great to browse and see the level of detail that went into restoring this car. In short, are you looking for a restored and refurbished Maserati Sebring Series 1 with proven low mileage and a fully traceable history? Then this is your car.

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