The new Mercedes-AMG GT3 from the 2025 season?

( – The Mercedes-AMG GT3 will likely have an expiration date: In order to stay competitive in GT3 racing in the future, the company wants to launch a new model for the 2025 season. That’s what Stefan Wendel, Head of Sport said Customers at Mercedes, for during Bathurst 12 Hours.

Mercedes AMG GT3 successor? Only possible from the 2025 season!


The current Evo package for the Mercedes-AMG GT3 is approved until 2024, which is why Mercedes is considering a successor. The current model was introduced in 2016 and was last updated before the 2020 season. Mercedes customers are happy about the consistency, but development must continue to be able to stand up to the competition.

“I am with the development of GT3 cars by SRO and FIA [Automobil-Weltverband] Happy,” Wendl says. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche Audi and we’ve been around since 2015/2016, but other manufacturers have been added over the course of the homologation period. But since then, the level of performance has remained constant.”

Balance in performance is key

The key to success: a fair balance of performance [BoP]. New cars introduced to the SRO world have always been well adapted to the existing fleet, which is why there has been a fair and tight field in GT3 racing in most cases since 2016. For example, according to Weigl, the cars at Spa-Francorchamps have always been within second.

Mercedes-AMG GT3 GetSpeed ​​at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife

The current car is used in many GT3 series in the world Zoom

“Manufacturers and customers can count on cars for the long term,” says the head of customer sport. “But that also makes developing new cars difficult, because you can’t just look at performance. You have to look at the important details in the new generation.”

Since the cars will be aligned by BoP anyway, developing a successor is not just about putting time on the right track, it’s also about making the right decisions for customers. Teams should be able to continue relying on the Mercedes-AMG GT3 until 2024. Mercedes is also not planning any further updates unless absolutely necessary.

2025 is the key year for innovations?

“We are happy with our car and don’t have any major issues,” Wendell continued. “The plan for customers is to generate long life at predictable costs.” That’s why there won’t be any major changes to the Mercedes customer program until 2024. “A new homologation period starts in 2025, and that’s a good opportunity,” Wedel said.

Mercedes uses its current GT3 racer all over the world – DTM, ADAC GT Masters, GT World Challenge, IMSA, etc. – and thus has a lot of data at its disposal to be able to adapt the new car to the wishes of customers. Mercedes also has close ties to the series: “We see where our strengths and weaknesses lie and can use that as a good basis for homogeneity.”

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