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Bernd Rothfritz (left), Mustafa Ozbek and Stefan Kepler will be on the motorcycle donation tour to Albania from September 21. “El,” the elephant, is also coming. Photo: Shamkat

They’ve done it again: Mustafa Ozbek and Bernd Rothfritz of Motorcycle Corner and Stefan Kepler of EC-Mot (Biker for Jesus) created a new motorcycle donation round. This time we are going to Albania.

VS-Schwenningen – For the three friends, on the one hand, it is about the adventure of a motorbike tour, but helping the children is more important to them. Kids of all ages who desperately need shoes, i.e. from shoe size 23 to 39.

Already three times in the Himalayas

But the three bikers are not alone in the motorcycle donation round: “We are on the road with nine motorbikes and an escort car,” Mustafa Ozbek explains. They’ve all gained enough experience, plus other rides they’ve already made three times on the road in the Himalayas, but there with two mechanics and two workshop teams, a doctor and two scouts, among other things. “If we stop at these rounds, we will be closed without a mobile workshop, without a doctor even in the event of illness or injury,” Uzbek says.

And he continued: They already had donations and beloved toys with them in the Himalayas, because they are loved by all children, no matter what country. Adventures with a social aspect are great fun for motorcyclists, especially when people in poor countries are really happy with what we take for granted here, assures friends.

From Italy we continue by ship

The new tour begins on September 21 and takes you from Italy by boat to Albania, leaving the rest of the participants free to organize their own trip. It is also possible to do the entire tour by motorbike. The destination in Albania is the town of Progradec with its missionary school (Amaru Tan School) which takes care of underprivileged children of the Roma community.

Children’s shoes and stuffed animals

Mustafa Ozbek confirms: “During a previous tour, we asked what was specifically needed here, and it was said that children’s shoes were urgently needed.” Of course, everyone has additional beloved toys in his luggage, which are not only for school: during the whole tour – you go to Greece and back – children are treated with beloved toys.

In a large photo album from previous tours, Bernd Rothfritz shows beaming children on the side of the road—one rarely talks about well-paved roads—waving and amazed: “For them we are aliens in our biker gear,” Uzbek smiles.

El is coming too

It starts on September 21 from Schwenningen to the Italian port of Ancona – in one day, its length is 832 kilometers. “We are not on a picnic, we are driving kilometers,” Uzbek explains in the stunned appearance of a Schwarzwalder Bote employee. Stefan Kubler disappears briefly and returns with his favorite luxury partner: “This is El, it comes from Elephant,” he explains. L is handsome, wears cool motorcycle goggles and has the temperament of an elephant: “He doesn’t moan or moan, he doesn’t have muscle aches, and he’s also very thrifty with food,” the three smiles. So let it begin.

Information: in-kind donations

Children’s shoes from 23 to 39 can be donated on the Motorcycle Donation Tour to Albania – the three bikers want to be in pairs and in good shape. Stuffed animals are also acceptable. They can be delivered at the Schwenningen branches of Motorrad-Ecke on Rottweiler Straße 19 and Steinkirchring 45, or by mail to: Motorrad-Ecke, Steinkirchring 45, 78056 VS-Schwenningen. The deadline for applications is September 15th.

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