‘Disgusting’: Terre des Femmes gives negative award for sexist ad

Zec+, a German sports nutrition, nutritional supplement and fitness apparel company, this year won Angry Cactus with two Facebook ads, the main motive of which was to humiliate a woman during tacit intercourse. The second and third places went to a brothel and a car repair company. women’s rights organization women’s land He wants to declare war on sexism as an advertising strategy at a negative price.

More than 3,000 votes were cast, 1,936 of which went to the winner, so the vote could hardly be clearer. “Degrading”, “nausea”, “vomiting”, were some of the responses to a street survey women’s land carried out in Berlin. According to the women’s rights organization, the two ad images that “Zec +” posted on Facebook likely show screenshots of pornographic materials. “The images depict women in a derogatory manner. The questionable images have nothing to do with the product, but rather represent a male viewpoint filled with sexism, masculinity, and aggression toward women,” the site says. women’s landwhere you can also see the winning and submitted announcements.

The nudist club “Zeus” won second place with 982 votes, with a lighter bearing the tasteless slogan “Not everything has a hole!” (The missing commas correspond to the original quote.) ‚ÄúThis lighter is a gift to clients of a brothel that calls itself the ‘Gentlemen’s Club.’ Do brothel operators, who find such slogans funny, care about the protection of women provided for in the Prostitutes Protection Act? By the way, this is also common in Incels forums on the Internet, Where men unleash misogyny. Bottom line: This ad is just as satirical as the prostitution system itself,” which is how the jury explained why this promotional item was nominated as a finalist.

Car repair “Carisma” came in third place with 214 votes. The sticker on a truck read: “What the hell is this. Parking is not my thing!” (sic) – Next to him is a woman with curly blond hair laughingly playing with a braid of hair. The jury commented: “While men roar faster and more often drunk across the republic and endanger themselves and others, Charisma’s auto repair shop laughs at the old saying that women are supposed to be too stupid to park. How many Other studies actually needed, showing that women are less likely to cause accidents than men, until this was also noticed by a car repair shop in New Ulm. The bottom line: complete loss rather than charisma.”

“Angry Cactus” has been awarded since 2014, since 1991 women’s land With sexual advertising. With a negative price, the association wants to declare war on sexism as an advertising strategy.

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