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How do you deal with a sudden obstacle? What is the best place to put yourself when turning right or left in a lane? What is the ideal line for taking a curve? The days when Sonya (62) and Gunter Batterman (65) gave course participants valuable road traffic advice will soon become a thing of the past. After 28 years and nearly 600 motorcycle safety courses in Schorndorf, the couple will retire at the end of 2022.

During this time, the couple suffered a lot. But the craziest thing they had encountered was safety training with the Bishop’s Workers’ Union. “They were from Heilbronn,” recalls Gunter Battermann. On Sunday morning, they walked through the gate and entered the road maintenance area in Schorndorf. Typically, ten people are accepted into each safety training course. Sonia Batterman laughs: “We counted: one, two … we stopped at 30.” “And then there was an event cart, a barbecue cart with music and all the trimmings, afterwards. Lunch was also taken care of right away,” adds Gunter Battermann.

The place in Schorndorf is not designed for 30 people. The two were even more relieved when they were automatically allowed to move into a car supplier’s corporate parking lot opposite the road maintenance department. “This way we were able to get things right a little bit,” says Gunter Battermann with a smile.

How did the two get into motorcycle safety training?

It all started with a colleague of Gunter Batterman. Battermann is a retired police chief, his wife works as a kindergarten teacher in Bloederhausen. At the time, fellow ADAC colleague Gunter Batterman ran safety training courses and wanted to offer them in the Rems-Murr area as well.

Gunter asked Battermann if he wanted to participate. “At the time I didn’t have a motorcycle, and I had no idea how to do it, so I just said yes.” Initially, the two offered two safety training sessions a year. In the second year, his classmate left and Sonya joined his place. Over time, the couple expanded the show and introduced women-specific courses.

Will they miss safety training?

“Maybe we will miss her. There have been incredibly nice people and good friendships have grown,” says Günther Bättermann. “What has been really annoying lately is that people have signed up since the start of Corona and simply haven’t come to the course.” They didn’t even communicate – and when the couple asked Some of the answers were really outrageous. “That gave us more impetus that we want to ride motorcycles more privately again.”

With the free time they have gained, the two want to travel again. The couple had been on the road with their motorcycles for eight months prior to that. At that time, they both drove a BMW. Meanwhile, Gunter Battermann switched to a Yamaha Tenerife 700, much to the chagrin of his wife. Although the Yamaha weighs about 90 kilograms less, it is a little slower on the road.

Now they plan to travel overland to Indonesia on their motorbikes and then continue by ship to Australia.

Next project: A motorbike trip to Australia

But what does that mean for participants in motorcycle safety training courses? Are there no more courses? A participant who previously participated in the Battermanns Safety Training Courses is currently training to become a Motorcycle Safety Instructor. The entire training takes about a year. However, he is not allowed to offer the courses on his own. So it is not yet clear if the courses can be offered as early as 2023. On the site You can find the latest information.

And what about the Batterman family in the future? Shall we hear from them again? On her last trip, Sonya Batterman kept a blog. The blog link can also be found on the website. “We found that an incredible number of people read it – we didn’t even know some of them,” says Günther Bättermann. Once their next journey begins, Sonya Batterman wants to write again. So those interested can follow the journey of Batman.

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