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Wiesbaden (OTS)

The first group hits a woman and runs away, Wiesbaden, Blücherstrasse, Sunday, July 21, 2022, at 11:30 p.m.

A 42-year-old woman was attacked and injured by a group of four young men in Blücherstrasse last night. The quartet then fled the scene, partly on a four-wheeler. According to preliminary investigations, the drunk victim quarreled with the group of perpetrators, after which the 42-year-old was insulted. When I then went to confront the group, at least two men beat up the victim. Then this one fell to the ground, injured himself and got kicked. When an acquaintance of the injured party stood between the attacked woman and the perpetrators, two of them fled in a quad. Description of the group of perpetrators: male, about 20 years old, one blond, all others black-haired. Someone wore a small ponytail. The Wiesbaden Youth Rights House has taken up the investigation and is requesting information about the group by calling (0611) 0-345.

2. Property damage by graffiti in Wiesbaden, Welfenstrasse Saturday 30 July 2022, 10:00 PM to Sunday 31 July 2022, 10:00 AM

From Saturday (30/7/2022) to Sunday (7/31/2022) the walls of the house were smeared with spray paint at the Welfenstraße in Wiesbaden. The school building exterior wall and the snack bar wall were affected. The material damages incurred are estimated at 300 euros. The offender’s information is received from the First Police Station at the phone number (0611) 345-2140.

3. Attempted storming of the Wiesbaden Café, Nettelbeckstrasse from Saturday 30 July 2022 to Sunday 31 July 2022

An attempt was made to break into a café on Nettelbeckstraße in Wiesbaden during the night from Saturday (30/7/2022) to Sunday (31/7/2022). No one noticed the unknown perpetrators in the backyard of the apartment building where the cafe was located and tried to enter through the back door of the cafe using a winch. Property damage due to this action is estimated at €500. After the offender failed, he fled in an unknown direction. The information was received from the Criminal Police in Wiesbaden at the telephone number (0611) 345-0.

4. Theft from a Wiesbaden car, Blücherstrasse from Saturday 30 July 2022 10:00 pm to Sunday 31 July 2022 1:10 pm

At night from Saturday (30/7/2022) to Sunday (7/31/2022) a previously unknown attacker managed to steal a wallet from a car parked in Blücherstraße. The wallet contained cash of over 100 euros, among other things. After committing the crime, the perpetrator fled in an unknown direction. Information is available from the Fifth Police Station in Wiesbaden at (0611) 345-2540. & # 8195;

5. Traffic accident between a passenger car and a motorcycle Mainz-Kastel B455 on Saturday 30 July 2022 at 12:35 pm

On Saturday, July 30, 2022, around 12:30 p.m., a traffic accident occurred on the B455 in Mainz-Kastel. A car and a motorcycle were involved in the accident. A 44-year-old man drove his Skoda in the left lane of the main road in the direction of Mainz-Castell, while a 23-year-old motorcyclist was in the right lane. When changing lanes, the motorist ignored the 23-year-old, resulting in a collision. Road users sustained minor injuries. The 23-year-old motorcyclist was taken to hospital by ambulance for further treatment. Property damage due to the accident is estimated at a total of €1,000.

6. Drunk with a motorcycle that caused an accident, Wiesbaden, Laureling, Carlsbader Platz, Friday 29 July 2022, 11:05 pm

On Friday evening, a traffic accident occurred in Loreling in Wiesbaden, causing property damage estimated at €2,000, but no one was apparently injured. Perhaps the cause of the accident was the alcohol consumption of a 39-year-old motorcyclist. Just after 11:00 p.m., the 32-year-old was driving his seat at Loreleiring toward Karlsbader Platz. At the same time, the motorcyclist, Niederwald Strasse, drove from the direction of Schiersteiner Strasse in the direction of Karlsbader Platz. Since the driver of the car got the green light, he drove through the intersection there when suddenly the two-wheeled driver also entered the intersection from the left and crashed into the car. The 39-year-old was thrown off two wheels on the hood of the car. During the investigation of the accident, the smell of alcohol was discovered on the motorcyclist’s breath. A breath alcohol test revealed a value of more than 1.5 per thousand. This led to a blood draw and corresponding police measures.

Wiesbaden Police Station

1. Injured in five-car accident, Wiesbaden, Highway 3, Sunday, July 31, 2022, at 12:25 pm.

(wie) On Sunday, a man was injured in a five-car traffic accident on the A3 near Wiesbaden. In heavy traffic between the Medenbach rest area and Wiesbadener Kreuz, road users had to slow down. Some drivers noticed this too late and had to switch lanes and/or crash into cars in front of them. A total of five vehicles were damaged in the three left and center lanes. A 20-year-old passenger was injured in a Mercedes and taken to hospital. Property damage is estimated at €41,000, and four vehicles had to be towed.

Original content from: Wiesbaden – West Hessen Police Headquarters, transmitted by aktuell news

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