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The Power of One Charity Auction has been held annually since 2000, the proceeds of which go to GLIDE

Recently, Justin Sun bought the meal with Warren Buffett for $4,567,888 in 2019

A total of $53 million was donated to GLIDE through a fundraising dinner with star investor

A charity lunch with Warren Buffett is worth about $19 million, at least for the person behind the anonymous bid that closed the 21st Power of One Charity auction on June 17 this year.

This year’s fundraising lunch was auctioned for exactly $19,000,100

The auction began June 12 with a starting bid of $25,000 and included a lunch with Warren Buffett and up to seven guests at New York’s famous Smith & Woolensky Steakhouse. The $19,000,100 that the anonymous presenter paid for lunch will be donated to GLIDE. GLIDE is a San Francisco nonprofit that has fought poverty, hunger, and homelessness for more than 50 years and helps approximately 10,000 affected people each year. This was stated by eBay, the auction organizer, in a press release.

This is set to be GLIDE’s last donation lunch

Quoted GLIDE President and CEO Karen Hanrahan, “On behalf of GLIDE and those we serve, I thank Warren Buffett for his immense generosity, longstanding partnership, dedication, and incredible contribution to our work. Even after this recent major strength of One Auction Charity, we look forward to many more years of Our close friendship with Buffett.”

As eBay announces, there will be no more Power One Charitable auctions. “It was a good thing,” Buffett said, according to eBay. “I’ve met a lot of interesting people. The thing they have in common is that they feel the money is being used very well.” A total of $53 million has been donated to GLIDE through auctions, hitting a record price this year: No one else who had the pleasure of having lunch with Buffett before spent as much money as the anonymous model did this year.

Recently, Justin Sun, founder of Tron, was able to enjoy lunch with Warren Buffett in 2019

The last Power of One Charity auction took place in 2019, and in the following years had to be canceled due to the pandemic. Recently, Justin Sun, the crypto entrepreneur and founder of TRON, auctioned the meal for $4,567,888 — about a quarter of what the lunch earned this year. Sun’s fundraising lunch with star investor was held on January 23, 2020, with guests Charlie Lee (founder of Litecon), Chris Lee (Huobi CFO), Helen Hay (chairman of Binance Charitable Foundation) and Uni Asia (eToro CFO). This was announced in a TRON press release. During the meal, they talked about the future of cryptocurrencies in particular.

Exact date and guest list not yet known

eBay wrote in a press release that this year’s fundraising lunch for GLIDE will take place within the next few months. A specific date has not yet been set – and the list of invitees is not yet known to the public. The first Power of One Charity auction was organized by Warren Buffett’s late wife Susan Buffett in 2000, and the event has been organized by eBay since 2003.

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