The new Mercedes-AMG GT3 from the 2025 season?

( – The Mercedes-AMG GT3 will likely have an expiration date: In order to stay competitive in GT3 racing in the future, the company wants to launch a new model for the 2025 season. That’s what Stefan Wendel, Head of Sport said Customers at Mercedes, for during Bathurst 12 Hours. © Mercedes-Benz Group AG … Read more

Insights into engraved ‘Kerstins Car Banners’

Read for free until 7:22 PM Gorgeous Oranienburg Signs: An Insight into the “Kerstins Autoschild” Stamp Shop The shop on Havelstraße 30 doesn’t look very obvious from the outside, but it doesn’t have to be. Customers come by themselves. Most of them need new license plates for their cars. Many miss the old “OR” for … Read more

RM Sotheby’s Auctions 1948 Davis Devan at Amelia Island

The 1948 Davis Devan offers four seats in a row. Really, this is not the only strange thing about this car, which is now auctioned on Amelia Island. The collection of East Frisian jokes is rich in very flat obscenities. But even in this environment, the next joke still stands out on the open level … Read more

This is why companies love to generate electricity

Power plant operators bid on orders in an auction. The cheapest bid gets the contract. Usually, coal-fired and nuclear power plants are put into operation first, and only gas-fired power plants are heated at the end. Because coal and nuclear are cheap, gas is expensive. The trick: the more expensive the last kilowatt-hour of electricity … Read more

Social Motorcycle Project: From Schwenningen on a Donation Tour to Albania – Villingen-Schwenningen & Surroundings

Bernd Rothfritz (left), Mustafa Ozbek and Stefan Kepler will be on the motorcycle donation tour to Albania from September 21. “El,” the elephant, is also coming. Photo: Shamkat They’ve done it again: Mustafa Ozbek and Bernd Rothfritz of Motorcycle Corner and Stefan Kepler of EC-Mot (Biker for Jesus) created a new motorcycle donation round. This … Read more