Advance Online – Road Safety: Stay Cool in Summer

Anton Hoffmann, press spokesman for Auto Club Europa (ACE) in Main-Kinzig and Wetterau, has put together several tips for ensuring a successful summer trip. It’s supplementing the safety instructions Hoffman gave two weeks ago. Heat buildup in the car threatens lifeChildren or animals should not be left in a parked car in summer temperatures. The … Read more

Will the stock soon break the €20 mark?

Hamburg Telekom CFO Christian Illek was able to sleep on July 13. After the supervisory board also approved early in the evening, one of the biggest deals in the group’s history was a foregone conclusion: Financial investors Brookfield and Digital Bridge would, the next day, buy a majority stake (51%) in Deutsche Telekom’s radio tower … Read more

POL-H: A witness’s call: A motorcyclist threatened with a firearm and drove several …

07/31/2022 – 10:36 Hannover Police Department Hanover (OTS) On Friday evening, 29 July 2022, an 18-year-old motorcyclist and his 19-year-old companion were threatened by a previously unknown person from a vehicle allegedly with a firearm on “Am Leineufer” (Bundesstraße 6), the corner of Garbsener Landstraße, then It was tracked for several kilometers in the city … Read more

Fatal accident near Grimma: car and motorcycle caught fire | Opinion

blue light The overtaking attempt ended horribly Issued on 07/22/2022 Grimm. Grimm. A serious traffic accident occurred on B107, which resulted in fatalities on Thursday evening. Wheel drivers wanted to overtake trucks Shortly after 6:30 pm, the fire brigade comrades from Grimma and Großbothen were called for a traffic accident on the B107 between Grimma … Read more

How can I get rich with NFTs?

NFTs are a very hot topic that has spread from the crypto market into the mainstream. A lot of money can be made in a short period of time with NFTs. But there is hardly an area with so many pitfalls. So how do you trade NFTs and keep your chances of getting rich with … Read more

The best sports coupe 2022 in comparison.

Which sports coupe for special flair and a small budget? The fun of a beautiful coupe, the particularly elegant alternative to movement, doesn’t always have to be associated with a hefty price tag. Here are three particularly stylish samples that you can pamper yourself with on a smaller budget while keeping the two-door stylish in … Read more

Loris Paz (BMW): “Half of a motorcycle collapsed” / World Superbike Championship

After a promising start to the weekend in Most on Friday, Saturday’s World Superbike Championship didn’t go as well as Loris Paz had hoped. The BMW driver finished 11th after crashing in the first race. In the Superpole, Loris Baz of Germany’s Bonovo Action Team finished 11th. The Frenchman complained that he was losing too … Read more

Five innovative ideas for new cars 2022

( – A revision of Formula 1’s technical regulations has caused some difficulties this season, as a new generation of cars has been introduced, with teams’ capabilities more and more restricted. © Giorgio Biola Small but impactful: the Ferrari fin on the halo Zoom More restrictive regulations regarding design freedom led to concerns that the … Read more

Andrea Berg rolls on stage on a motorbike – and these “people of hearts” were there on the anniversary. Display pictures!

12,500 fans cheer for Andrea Berg’s new show. DBA / Weissbrod The hissing of the flames and then darting onto the stage with a heavy motorbike: Andrea Berg’s big-anniversary ride on Friday began with the sound of a big whisper, boom, boom. Which will also take you to Berlin Waldbühne on September 30 (tickets from … Read more