Timber exports to China: sawmills and furniture manufacturers sound the alarm

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Timber exports to China: sawmills and furniture manufacturers sound the alarm

andreas decker loves to go for a walk in the woods. But for now he avoids going through the woods. “Otherwise my heart would bleed,” says the managing director of solid wood furniture manufacturer Möbelwerke Decker from Borgentreich in East Westphalia. His bleeding heart symbolizes a growing pile of wood lying in the woods by … Read more

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Successful collaboration continues: Classic-analytics and Mercedes-Fans.de expand partnership – News – Mercedes-Fans

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The gas emergency plan takes effect: this is how Germany wants to save and reduce gas prices 09.08.22

Gas comes to Germany from Russia much less. Now it must be obtained elsewhere. This drives up the price of gas, and consumers face enormous additional costs. The gas emergency plan that came into effect initially provided for the voluntary provision of gas. can go wrong. A European gas emergency plan to prepare for a … Read more