Wind Power Plant: Having your own wind turbine for the roof or garden pays for itself quickly

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Bentley Continental 01/1990 for sale 108,500 euros

Information in German: Aaldering has been in the Netherlands since 1975 and is the market leader in Europe for classic cars. There are always 400 classic and sports cars in stock. Please visit our website for current stock and more information. All vehicles on display can be viewed in our showrooms. Our headquarters are … Read more

Others CITROEN 11/1973 FOR SALE 28750 €

Information in German: Unique, Mihari Citron with only 932 kilometers around the clock! The car has been shown as a prop in the showroom for years. On the plus side, the car has been running and moving regularly. Mechanically, they are at their best despite the low mileage. How do I describe to the ignorant … Read more

90 Years of Lego: These are the best nerd sets

A bundle of a few plastic bricks that you can use to build just about anything your imagination can throw at you: Even after 90 years, Lego still fascinates young adults and adult hobbyists. With a friendly welcome for adults, Lego also invites adults to connect the mounting blocks. Online Heise collected some suggestions and … Read more

British pop music threatens to falter in Dover

London. Sometimes a band or their equipment gets stuck in a customs traffic jam in Dover: After Brexit, things are getting tough for British musicians. Only in these months of the first major summer festival since the pandemic has the full extent become clear what Brexit means to industry. “The heartbeat and the future of … Read more