A driver supervises a motorcyclist during a cornering maneuver near Zell on Thursday. Vehicle collision.

Motorbike omission when cornering: According to preliminary findings by police at the scene, the right-of-way violation was apparently the cause of the collision, which occurred around 3.35pm on the Zeller bypass between the traffic light intersection to Sand. and the entrance to the port of Zeller. A motorcyclist appears to have been overlooked by a … Read more

Land Rover Other 09/1972 for sale at €22,500

Information in German: The Land Rover Santana 88 is a noble working horse. It’s an SUV with exceptional capability that essentially lives on in today’s current Land Rover Defender. It’s a capable all-terrain vehicle, often being pushed literally to the ground. As a result, we rarely see an original and well-preserved Land Rover Santana 88. … Read more

MG MGB 06/1966 for sale at €26,950

Information in German: This is a great 1966 MG B Roadster spoon door. The car has been technically restored and repaired in the past and is still in good condition. The car is painted in this beautiful dark green color and the interior is fitted with black leather. In good British tradition, the car stands … Read more

CITROEN Other 11/1973 FOR SALE 28750 €

Information in German: Unique, Mihari Citron with only 932 kilometers around the clock! The car has been shown as a prop in the showroom for years. On the plus side, the car has been running and moving regularly. Mechanically, they are at their best despite the low mileage. How do I describe to the ignorant … Read more

Care and Maintenance Tips – SWR3

How often do I actually have to replace my windshield wipers? And how can I prevent rubber from becoming brittle? We have tips to take care of you here. The brake, tread and assist systems are of little use if a dangerous situation is recognized too late. Windshield wipers are often underestimated. If your windshield … Read more

Gasgas 2023 test model in the test

In 2020, Pierer Mobility AG acquired the GasGas brand with KTM AG. The off-road scene was astonished, and the experts were perplexed. A new enduro group was created quickly: a little Husqvarna here, a little KTM there, and the result was the red team, which the market welcomed with open arms. Initially, the construction of … Read more

The fatal second: the death of a motorcyclist in an accident

Wietrau newspaper Witrow Bodingin creature: 08/12/2022, 09:00 AM to: Oliver Butinkovsky split, rip Remember the motorcyclist who died in an accident: the 30-year-old was sentenced to a fine of 3,500 euros with the consent of the relatives of the victims. © Oliver Pottingovsky The 29-year-old was oblivious for only a second. When I turned around, … Read more