+ 4% on pupil scholarships for the educational yr 2022-2023

Crous scholarships according to social criteria were increased by 4%. Antonioguillem /

For the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year. the sums awarded to students increased by 4%. Those who fall under level 0 bis, for example, receive €1,084 during their university year, compared to €1,042 previously.

Faced with rising inflation, the Government is for the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year. increased the amount of student scholarships, awarded according to social criteria, by 4%.

Advance payment of the September monthly installment is made at the end of August for students whose student social file, including administrative registration, was completed before August 25. For the Reunion Academy and the Vice-Rectorate of Mayotte, the advance payment of the monthly installment for September will be made during the month of August, taking into account the start date of the school year.

To qualify for such a scholarship, a student must be under 28 years of age September of the academic year. It is distributed according to the parents’ own means or resources, the number of children and the distance from the place of study.

Holders of grants based on social criteria are exempted from the university entrance fee and CVEC (contribution for student and campus life) of €95.

They also have priority in the allocation of CROUS (Regional Center for University Social Work) student accommodation.

Scholarships based on social criteria for the academic year 2022-2023
Type of scholarship Annual rate over 10 months
(in euros)
Student rate
stipend support for
big university holidays
(in euros)
Echelon 0 encore €1,084 €1,301
Echelon 1 €1,793 €2,152
Echelon 2 €2,701 €3,241
Echelon 3 €3,458 €4,150
Echelon 4 €4,217 €5,060
Echelon 5 €4,842 €5,810
Echelon 6 €5,136 €6,163
Echelon 7 €5,965 €7,158

Scholarship students who have passed their matriculation with honors can also benefit from a merit grant of €900 per year and/or an international mobility grant of €400.

Payment in 10 monthly installments, except for exceptions

Crous pays scholarships before the 5th of the month. Transaction processing time may vary from bank to bank, but then it takes between 5 and 10 business days for the payment to be reflected in your account.

The scholarship for higher education is paid, depending on funds, in 10 monthly installments. However, those who did not complete their studies by 1er July can continue to receive grants during the summer holidays.

The students in question then receive 12 monthly payments if they are in one of the following situations:

– a student in metropolitan France at the expense of his parents, his legal guardian or a representative of parental authority when they are staying abroad;

– a French student or a citizen of a member state of the European Union or a member state of the European Economic Area at the expense of his parents, his legal guardian or delegate of parental rights when they are staying abroad (with the exception of the member states of the European Union, member states of the European Economic Area, the Swiss Confederation and countries that bordering the Mediterranean where the student has the opportunity to join his family every year);

– student of the state or orphan of both parents;

– a student who was previously a beneficiary of social assistance measures for children, provided that his parents, his legal guardian or the authorized representative of parental rights are not able to accommodate him during the long vacations at the university.

The recipient of the scholarship can only receive it for 7 years, and its maintenance depends on progress in studies, regular attendance at classes and passing exams.

The request is made in advance, before the academic year

The request is submitted between January 20 and May 15 preceding the start of the academic year with the Student Social File (DSE) electronically on the My Student Services website.

In case of a significant and permanent change in the family situation (marriage, divorce, death, unemployment, retirement, illness), the file can be studied outside of these deadlines. The person concerned must then contact the DSE department of the Crousa Academy where they are enrolled.

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